Filmmaker looking for artist

I am an emerging filmmaker. To date I have made two “found footage” shorts. The first “Pastiche Vol1 No1” (2014) screened at film festivals on three continents. My second, “Why We Went to the Moon” (2015) is now under consideration by juries for over 50 festivals worldwide. See

I am beginning to work on a film to be shot with an iPhone 5s. The story is quite short and I think manageable for a first time cinematographer. See

I am faced with either the challenge of model building a physical “creature” or using CGI like Blender to do so.

I am inclined to use CGI and am looking for a person or team who can build six to ten variants of the creature as it evolves. I have no budget, so payment would be credit only.

Please let me know if anyone can help in any way. Thanks.

Many Many apologies! I just found out from my ISP that I put a bad link up in the original post. My bad.

Link is

Please let me know if anyone is interested.