Filter Glitch???

Just an annoying filter issue I’ve been having. Doesn’t matter what filters I use, or what render pass I put it as. It happens for most/all filters - custom or inbuilt.

See in the images below, the first one is how it looks most of the time, the one under that is where the camera seems to be effected by some kind of increased brightness. It doesnt happen all the time, just sometimes when the camera moves it flickers brighter and sometimes it stays for a while.

I dont know if its just me, or my graphics card (GeForce 8600GT). Any advice would be good, and if anyone else has experienced this it would be good to know…

Suggestions welcome.

No idea, maybe updating the GPU driver may help.

Updated that last month for a game I was having graphical issues with, so its pretty much up to speed I should think?

Btw the shaders I’m using atm are erosion (render pass 1) and martinsh’s lens distortion filter (render pass 2). But this seems to happen with most of the shaders.

upload the blend on pasteall, i`ll take a look.
At the moment I have no idea what might be causing it :{

Seems to be a combo of 2 things, firstly a track to actuator on the camera, and the lens value which I changed to 20. When the actuator is removed and the lens set back to default value of 35 the filters work exactly how I want.
It could have something to do with the slow parenting as well maybe? Im not sure, these things shouldnt really effect the brightness of a filter…

Heres a .blend example, it will be interesting to see if the same issues are present for other people. Press 1 to activate the filters attached to the empty in the scene (you should see the brightness issue right away)

Strange, I’m getting similar - yet different - results. Take a look for yourself (image).

BTW: I’m using Nvidia GTX 260M and Windows Vista (64 bit).

Hmm it seems that the withe box at the camera was causing that brightness thing.
Here you go,

Thanks guys for your time with this, works fine now, Ive had this issue a few times in the past as well, I knew it would be something simple :wink: