Filter One Scene

Judging by how 2D filters work (post processing), i assume this will not work, but in case it does, i would like to know how:

Is it possible to apply a 2D filter to just ONE scene when multiple are overlayed?

I wrote a (inefficient :stuck_out_tongue: ) blur filter and have a part in my game where you click on a magazine, and it pauses the current game and adds an overlay of a closeup of the magazine, and i would like the current game underneath that overlay scene to be blurred only.

Thanks :smiley:

sorry Makin Bacon, no answer here
but i would also like an answer to this question.
its not much use to have nice blur, bloom shaders etc if they mess up the user interface you have created… i’m going to check out the Yo-Frankie demo. they had a bloom shader in it as far as i remember… i’ll see if it wasn’t applied to the interface somehow…