Filters unintentionally crop transformed image

(tnelsond) #1

When I take an image in the compositor and scale it up 2x or whatever and then separate the RGBA and dilate/erode the alpha and use that to set the alpha on the image, it only works within the size of the original image and not the scaled up image.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Is there a work around?

My node setup:

Crop when using dilate/erode:

How it looks without the crop:

Example Blend file for blender 2.79 (also happens in 2.8 though)
dilatecropissue.blend (521.7 KB)


EDIT: Filed Bug report

(Serge L) #2

Your scene’s render resolution doesn’t match size of image

(tnelsond) #3

I want the render resolution different, that way I can composite lots of smaller images into one big render result. I don’t think that fixes the issue. Or perhaps I’m misunderstanding.

(Serge L) #4

I’ve downloaded the file and now I get where the problem is. Yeah, it is strange. It kind of working if you feed Dilate/Erode from oiriginal size, then put another Transform node after it

(tnelsond) #5

Yeah, it’s very weird. I think I’ll file a bug report. It’s like the transform node doesn’t update the mask size or something.

(Peetie) #6

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