Filters ?

Ive been experimenting with this for a while and I just cant get it to work.
Im trying to make a filter from a semi transparent object.

I was given a link to this site HERE but it says when the ray transparency button is pushed a filter button appears but this doesnt happen ?

I cant find anything about a filter anywhere.

Does anyone know how to do this ?
I am using 2.36.

Thanks for any help. :smiley:

That is a development page, the features that are listed there will be implemented in a future version of Blender. But what effect are you trying to achieve exactly? Are you just trying to make a colored shadow from a transparent object? Simply activate the TraShadow button in the material settings of the shadow receiving object. It looks better with raytracing.

The filter option doesn’t exist right now but if it’s there on changes since last version it will more then likely be in the next version

I was already using that but after a bit fiddling about Ive got it to work.

for anyone else who might be having problems with this heres somewhere to start experimenting from.

I created a sphere and a plane and put them inline with a lamp so the lamp would shine through the sphere onto the plane.

Object - (settings panel) buttons pushed - Colour of object.

Lamp - (shadow & spot) Ray Shadow - White
Plane - (Shaders) Shadow, Tra Shadow, Tracable - White
Sphere - (Material) Alpha < .5 (Shader) Tracable - Red
Render Settings - Ray

Result - I got a red shadow. yipee !

I hope this helps someone else :smiley:

In Blender, there are almost 2 filter options :

One is gaussian filter, and it applied at rendering on the whole image.

The other filter that I found is applied only on images textures, and is available in the image panel under the load image button.

With this filter, you can make your texture less or more blur or neat.