Final answer needed 2 finish game!

Alright. I need to know how to tell the game engine to do ‘x’ when a certain amount of points is reached. How do I do that? PLEASE TELL! WANT TO FINISH GAME! WILL POST GAME AFTER QUESTION IS ANSWERED!!!

More information would have been helpful, but maybe this is what you want?
the blend file should be attatched.


points.blend (128 KB)


I have one more question… AND THIS TIME I MEAN IT; the is THE LAST ONE.

How do I limit the movement of the character to the screen (So that the character does not go out of the screen)

  1. so the last one was the answer you were looking for?
  2. it depends. does your camera move?

#1= YES! But I decided not to use points…

#2= No. In fact, it is a Galiga- like game. (If you know what Galiga is, of course)
I’m trying to keep the ship in-bounds. The ship is a static object.

I assume you are using loc in the motion actuator for movement? If so, then you will probably need to set up a check to see if the player is far enough away from the wall before moving in that direction. For example, before moving left, check to see if there is enough room to move left. If there is, then move the player, if not, then don’t.

I just realized you are probably doing this with logic bricks. While what I said still applies, I think it is more straight forward for python. I will go play with logic bricks and see what I can come up with.

Okay, this was much easier than I thought. Blender has a convenient location constraint actuator that works perfectly for what you need. I just hooked it up to an always sensor in this demo:

Good luck

IT’S DONE! This is the first game I have ever completed… took 2 days. I have posted it up in the Game Demos section because I plan for it to be part of a larger game.