Final Countdown

Blender 2.65RC1 rendered on GTX570 in ~30min

very nice!

I’m only left to wonder how many Mayan Calender-esque images will pop up until we actually hit doomsday and see if anything happens.

I like the way the numbers are displayed though.

Nice lamps and light setup. But i have some remarks. I miss a background. The edge on the foreground is pretty sharp, you should bevel it a little bit.

Actually, the Maya never said anything about doomsday, just the end of one cycle of the calendar and the start of the next. The whole doomsday thing is based on a misinterpretation of The Book of Revelations. Even there, the Earth and we humans live on. It’s only the chosen ones who get a one-way ticket off-planet.

So, bottom line, the world (and the universe) won’t be coming to an end. It’s the beginning of a new cycle of the Long Count calendar.

BTW, interesting bit of… well, not exactly irony, but still… the Mayan calendar done in Blender. :slight_smile:

I’m just talking about the possibility of people posting images related to the Mayan Calender because the idea of Mayan Calender ending = end of the world seems to be popular with a number of people in our culture today despite those type of theories only being around since the 60’s.

Now I’ve heard some of the theories that actually date back to ancient times is that we will be entering a new spiritual age starting on the 21st, but this thread isn’t the place for that nor do I put a lot of stock in it.