final cut

This is my last shot at trying to make this perfect. I’ve already posted two copies and this is the final cut.

Wow, that is good! How long have you used blender?

I’ve been using blender for a little over half a year. The only problem is that I can usualy only use it for a couple hours at a time on the weekends.

Thanks for the feed back, I don’t generally get a whole lot of responses to my posts.

it is good, i bet if you add the posts you go in the other two it would equal alot :D. i know im a smart ass :P.

It’s really nice. The only noticeable “artifact” is that the cylinder supporting the spotlight on the left side of the frame has faces. It ought to be smoothed. But hey, that’s a nit. Fine image.

Soften up the halos a little, and the near spot halo doesn’t look like it’s quite snug in the source.