Final entry YAYA's F1

Here is the final submission for the contest!
Finnaly, I gave up for the human integration.
Good luck to all the competitors!

it is very nice yaya, I like it :smiley:

Good luck :wink:


I really like the look of your craft. It’s very eligant yet imposing. Great work!

Wriker :Z

I really like the look of it, but I would add a few more details, like little panals in the hull, and maybe a few rivets here and there, without losing its streamlined appearance. I would especially put some of the forementioned stuff on the engines, around the intake. I love the design.

I like it very much although there are only two details that spoil your work:

  • What’s that white spot/reflection around the fuel entry in the vehicle? It looks very strange.

  • That ventilation duct also has a an artificial look. I would remove the whole duct or tweak the material settings.

Anyway, I still like it very much! :smiley:

Nice work, very impressive. I love the setting. Great attention to little background details. One crit- The guy on the left. His clothes seem rather plain for a futuristic F1 driver/crew.

But this is a very nice project overall. Best wishes for the contest! :smiley:

Ooh, shiny F1. IF the guy on the right is the driver, you should change his clothes to one of them racing-whatever-they-are-called-in-english-thingies.

I like the detail in the background, with the people working. You should try making that vent a bit dirty looking or maybe some rust or…Nah. Better leave that as it is…

great work Yaya.

good luck in the contest.

Tin oxidizes but the oxidation actually protects it from further “rust” and it doesn’t have the visual appearance (just a very light coat of a powdery white substance), just like aluminum.

Great entry YAYA, I’m rooting for you. :slight_smile:

Great work! My only crit would be to maybe add a few small details…And maybe add some frames around the vents and such where the smoothness of the vehicle just cuts off…

Very Nice, but Your not gonna paint cockpit?

Thanx for all, and no, I’m not gonna change a thing, too busy these times :wink:

Looks really good YAYA there is one thing that bothers me though, the vents on top seem to attract my attention mor than anything, I think they’re too bright.

Great work! And I agree with Falconis. :stuck_out_tongue: