Final Fantasy 6: How to Beat MagicMaster?

hey guys I’m playing final fantasy 6 (J) aka Final Fantasy III in the US and in the world of ruin I climbed to the top of the tower of Kefka’s followers and I’m fighting the boss. But when you beat his HP he casts Ultima and annihilates the party. What to do?

Do any of you even remember this game =)

Great game, but still…

This board is so friendly.

haha u don’t want to flame war with me, but actually i already did google it but I dont have a phoenix magicite to cast Life 3 so I was wondering if anyone had found another way to beat him

just asking for fun not really doing a science report

Same as most bosses really, focus on healing mainly and just attack whenever you have the chance. Keep everyone shielded and protected too if possible.

I remenber very well that game, it’s one of my all time favourites… :frowning: but It as been long time and I don’t remember how I beat him.
I remember that everytime he glows it meens he changes is weekness, so it’s all a mather of strike him with the right magic in the right time I guess.

Btw, someone knows where to find Shadow after the wourl changes?

heyy man, hi five, funny u should ask that question, I think he is in the cave in the veldt - or wherever that place is where the old guy with the Lore move has his miniquest. Yeah that cave, you’ll find Shadow wounded in it. Then you have to go to the colliseum and beat him by betting the Striker weapon.

Its funny you ask that question cuz I was just owning everything with shadow here is the pics to prove it =)

and btw I beat magic master by equipping 4 wall rings and by casting rasp and osmose over and over until he ran out of MP. that way he couldn’t cast Ultima and I didn’t need to own the Phoenix magicite in order to cast Life 3

Well thought :slight_smile:
I have everything completed in the game less Shadow, thanks for the tip, I’ll look for him.
I see you found the dinossaur florest hehe great for raising level… if I remember right there’s another florest next to the auction house city (the city of the rich people), where we fight with frogs and gives 10’000 gill by fight I think :slight_smile:

I used to play it but did not finished it. I don’t like the graphics of it. I also played Final Fantasy 8 and i played it 5 times.

What are talking about, it were state of the art graphics in 1994 hehe :wink:
I’ve also played FF8 (I only didn’t play FF 1, 2, 3 and 7) allot of times and although I also love it very much it was FF6 that gave me better gaming memories :slight_smile:

right on man, I think this may be the party I use to beat Kefka, I’m gonna have one character per section of the tower so each one will do their section solo =)

I may substitute RELM with CYAN though. But i haven’t gotten Cyan yet.

anyone know where to find Cyan’s Tempest sword, I just realized it’s one of the best swords in the game =) I only have one but I’d like to have 2 plz =) or maybe more!

If you get your level high enough you can survive the ultima.:eek:

Stell this gentleman right here :wink: it could work

rogper: Play 7. Seriously, it’s the best game/thing ever made.

Unfortunatly I can’t find it for sell anywhere these days :frowning:
I’ve seen the resume that comes with the FF7 A.C. DVD and it does looks awesome.

EBAY is your friend :slight_smile:


omgosh! I thought you could upgrade Wind Slash damage (Tempest Special Attack) with Vigor or Magic Attack but it doesn’t seem like u can :spin: - so Tempest doesn’t look so awesome if those Wind Slashes aren’t more powerful than 1500 damage.

Everyone says Cyan sucks but I’m trying to solo with him without turning him into an Imp which would be easy mode as you probably know :yes:

Weren’t they thinking in a remake to the PS3?

Yes, I never played much with Cyan, but I completed is… well, I went to the castle seing is famely transforming in to a sword :stuck_out_tongue: and after that he unleashed all is power, wich made him a allot more desireble character.

Wow the final fantasies are the best game series ever…6,7,8,9 & 10 are awesome…
They will not remake ff7 in the near future that’s for sure, and 7 is so ugly…not the game, but the manga feeling they have added to it because of all the sequels and prequels…

Love the original game, not sure if I want a anime remake.:rolleyes: