final fantasy/DOThack MMO

Okay, it came up in my final fantasy vii topic and I am now really wanting to follow through with it. lp_developer and I have recently decided to start a community based project making a final fantasy VII-X/DOThack mmo. We will most likely be using the Keneva engine and server. This thread has been posted to find people interested in joining the project and to discuss the games content and what needs to be done.

If you aren’t familiar with the DOThack series, “The World”(the name of the game on the DOThack show) is divided into several root towns where your adventures are based off of. Each one being a different sever. We will add a few other root towns that are cities from the final fantasy series: Juno, Luca, Treno, and Esthar. Off of each final fantasy root town you can visit dungeons from final fantasy.

This project is open to every one and anyone at all… as long as you know what you’re doing that is. I’m going to start working on a web page as soon as I know that we will be getting plenty of help. Just let us know.

This post will be updated everytime a new person joins or makes contributions. We want to make sure eveyone gets credit for the work the have put into the project. :smiley:





Maybe a little motivation…

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well… sounds sort of organised. but any way you put it its still a “PLZZZ help me wit my game” thread. i have never seen somebody actually finish a game started with a forum topic, and this is probably the most replies one has ever gotten before some a-hole comes along and states that the project will probably never get off the ground, and that there are many posts like this.

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The idea didn’t originaly come up in the forums, I got the idea last year, but I never thought about doing it until lp_developer said he was interested in the same thing. I guess you could consider this one of two things.

1-a plzzzz help us so we can still have a normal life
2-help if you want, it’s a community project like planeshift, and yes it is going to be very well organized.

When I do something I make sure I’m doing it the right way. I am working on a web page right now. Help IS greatly needed so I guess we are pretty desperate, but we aren’t going to beg. I hate it when people beg for help on a game when people clearly don’t want to, or if it appears the project isn’t going anywhere. Help if you want. I’ll keep posting the game ideas as the come to me, as lp_developer will too.

I am currently working on a moogle for the hot springs in DOThack (moogles are replacing the water drop creatures)

A very basic version of the web page will be up pretty soon.

im in and i got some screesn of some of my stuff off my pc…ill be putting it up on my site this week…(see profile for site)
but not today or the next day…i said im going to put it up this week…,dont rush it…lol

oh yea… I f anyone can help…please post how, show some pics maybe…

the site will either have that kind of mood or this kind of mood.

Fist thing, I’m going to talk to my team this week and find out if they would be willing to take this project under thier wing. We are currently working on another game, but I can pull a couple of them off the project, if they are willing, to work on this. So, we basically just need a bunch off modelers and animators.

Second thing, I had some really good ideas come to me today.

  1. I’m thinking we should add the training room in balamb garden from VIII conected to the FFVIII root town… or maybe just make balamb garden a root town?

2.I’m thinking about replacing the crimson knights with the knights of terror (final fantasy XII/tactics) or maybe the Chaos Knights (an original idea from a game my team is going to take up in the future) or maybe even have all three, but they are all in some kind of competition. Anyone can join the knights…well you have to be invited by the knights or system admin. The knights are going to be just what they are in .Hack. Players can attack other players whereever and whenever they want, they just arent alowed… hehe. Well, unless it is a pvp area.

  1. I have also been considering stepping into the world of cell shaded. This one I am still not sure about.

alright you try that…and im going to f with this multiplayer game code till it works

Are we still going massively multiplayer?

and what about Keneva? I’m not going to download it until I’m sure we are going to use it.

Do I have too own the original game to play your game?
I guess I can help out as a modeler. I’m the greatest modeler but I think I am pretty good. But I suck at texturing. Is there anything I can do?

yes it will be multiplayer…im still fooling around with it…after we have all models done…well do a simple multiplayer test…i know it wont work…but it’ll lead us to where the problem is…

and i lost ya with the keneva thing…

Robin: Welcom to the project. I’ll add you to the list.

lp_developer: Keneva is an open source massively multiplayer engine and they provide you with a server. Check it out.

Looks like a waterskiing site.

Yea, sorry about that its

#1 if its easy to use we do it…
#2 we must be able to export to it with blender
#3 i have 3d studio max 7…its an older version i got a year ago…I dunno if its the newest one out…but it will do

-I’ll download Kaneva now.
-lirmont was kind enough to give us the rights to some models he made for a final fantasy VII project that never took off.
-I have come up with a name for the game. I was thinking “The World VII” What does everyone else think? The reason VII is included in the title is because I want to add an emphasis on the fact that, although there will be several final fantasy worlds included in the game, VII will take center stage.

-I was looking at kaneva a little more and they help us out more than I thought. They will even provide you with models and textures. I thought this would be nice for trees (I hate making trees more than anything) Some of the models they offer are looking pretty nice.

-Right now I am modeling a moogle and a chocobo (switching back and forth)
-We need people to model the root towns, fields, and dungeons.
-I’m going to finish up my current models and then I’m going to start woking on summons.
-Is anyone good at character modeling?
-As for the chocobos. Should we add the breading system?
-We need animators

lp_developer: When you get the cloaked figure pic up on your site let me know, and then let me know what you plan on doing next.

Robin: What do you think you can help with? It’d be great if you could do characters.