Final Fantasy game to Pitch to Square Enix

I need a coder, a character artist, a concept artist. I already have the characters, storyline for the beginning and the ending. I just need someone to code the actual game I’ll do all the script writing and dialogue so I know what you’re all gonna do. Finally I’ll be looking for voice actors for the characters. I’ll be doing one of the characters to cut down on manpower. it’s just a fun project but if square enix buys our idea we’ll all share the money, I’ll give up most of it, I just want to see this done. Tell me if this is in the wrong place. Let me know if you’re interested.

Brace yourself

I’m sorry did I do something wrong, I don’t know really how to do things like this, I’m new at it all. I’m a writer and I wanted to somehow get some experience for the workforce but no one is hiring anyone without any experience so I thought I’d make an opportunity… I’m sorry if I did something bad I’m really just… trying to make a little progress. My life is kind of blah and I hate being a sponge on my family. I want to succeed at something.

Whoah… dude, you need to work a few things out. You didn’t do anything wrong – I was just making a comment, we see about five of these threads a week around here – “I have this great idea, I want help with X Y and Z, we’ll split the profits” I even made one myself a while back. The people get pretty brutal… “what’s the story? Got storyboards? Got any of the game logic done? etc etc”

So I was just saying brace yourself, might be a few rotten tomatoes coming your way.

On another note – Buck up buttercup! Life is a rollercoaster – a few seconds of crazy, a whole lot of standing in line. Don’t give up, keep moving forward.

Sorry, I’ve been yelled at on here so I was freaking out. I was just a little afraid you were saying I was gonna get yelled at again so yeah I was a little off. Sorry. I just felt like if you all knew I didn’t do it on purpose you wouldn’t yell at me and stuff. sorry sorry.
Anyway, I’ve got the story, I can make storyboards but my art is sadly lacking so I was hoping the concept artist could help me out with that. I have the whole story worked out to a certain point, I have the linear story you know the main one? Anyway I just need help figuring out quests, I can probably do that alone too if no one wants to help I already got a friend in on it for the art and some of the voice.

Oh and if you need a feel for the characters and how the story is gonna go, it’s pretty much this.
I’m gonna stretch it out longer than it seems for the script and this isn’t the whole thing. Just a small piece for your perusal


He stood there, looking through the binoculars, his eyes trained on the man in the suit, dropping a small package into the mailbox. He puts down the binoculars, putting them away as he closes the visor on his helmet, his bright yellow eyes disappearing from view. He kicks the bike on and into gear, taking off and heading in that direction. The man was gone by the time he got there. He used a lock pick to open up the small box and pick up the small package. He put it in his pack on the back of his bike and closed the box up again. 

The corporation was on his back as usual and now he had to steal one of their packages and get it home without encountering a Yellow. He sighs and speeds off; feeling around for his nitrous button, fingering it and feeling reassured that he could go faster if he needed to. He sped up to his best friends’ house and parked in the garage, closing it up and picking up the package. He opens the door and makes sure his body isn’t in the doorway. “Grunt, it’s Rad.” He puts down his long barreled handgun, a Crodilus .55.

“Well well, Rad. Got something new for me to do?” He pushes the hair hanging in his face back with a dark complexioned hand. He looks at Rad with bright blue eyes and grins with bright white teeth, contrasting with his skin. He rolls his big shoulders and Rad takes off his helmet. His long braid falls out, the bright red strands covering the left side of his face. His hair was short everywhere else. His skin was brightly tanned but still obviously Caucasian. He pulled off his gloves next, showcasing big hands with calluses all over them, from handling weapons and computer keys.

“I need your computer to analyze something.”
“Are you gonna crash it again?”
“Don’t know yet.”
“Last time she was real mad at you, she couldn’t check her email or stocks or anythin’”
“Genny has a laptop now.”
“Yeah well, be careful.” Rad nods and takes the package to the computer room of the small house. He plugs in the small memory chip he’d gotten out of that mailbox, clicking on its’ icon and opening its’ contents.

As expected he ran into a firewall. He cracks his fingers together and gets to work, Rad is after all a hacker on his off time. Well… his off time doesn’t really happen often but he does do as much as he can whenever he can. He types in all variations of a set of codes to get past the firewall and they don’t work. So he switches tactics, guessing the password, over and over until it kicks him out and firewalls him completely. He sighs gustily and looks to his best friend, smoking a cigar and grinning at Rad’s put-upon expression and scrunched brows. He shoves his chair away and starts inputting more complicated codes that Rad can’t decipher. It opens up and he’s in.

“Nirvana Grace… who the hell is Nirvana Grace?” There was a picture and Rad frowned, realizing it was a hit. He looked to the method of death and found it to be poisoning. It wasn’t set until a month from now though, something of importance happening so it had to be postponed until then. Something… what was she going to do that they needed from her? He didn’t know but he would find out.

“Interesting name, Nirvana Grace.” Rad sighed,
“You’re one to talk, ‘Grunt.’”
“Grunt is a title, Nirvana is a place.”
“Whatever you say.” Rad was often pulled into long discussions with Grunt, but were anyone else present he wouldn’t say much. So he pulls his words back inside himself and runs outside to the garage, kicking on the bike and speeding off after putting his helmet and gloves back on. He couldn’t be seen at Grunts or he’d put him in danger, Genny’d have a conniption and kill him.

He rode well into the night, until finally he made his way into the desert of the city, finding his fake rock and wheeling past the hologram wall. He sighs as he takes off his helmet and unzips his jumpsuit. “Kaid, Kinny.” He called to his panthers. They slouch into the room, Kaid rubbing against his legs as he undressed and Kinny yawning, laying down and waiting. They weren’t black panthers, no, they were bright red. He’d found them one day as he was escaping the corporation and found them, their mother dead and their other siblings dying. He’d tried his best for all of them but the two of them were all that survived. 

He pats Kaid on the head and leans down to smooth his hand over Kinny’s back before walking into his sanctuary. He sits down, elegantly splaying his legs over the couch back and side when he lies down. Kaid pads over to sit on the other end of the couch and Kinny finds her way to the carpet beside Rad. He closes his eyes and sighs, content with his small family around him and the safety his home represented. He still had alarms to set and things to do, but they could wait a few minutes.

Nirvana was laying on her bed, looking up at the ceiling and petting her little kitten, Svenka. Something settled inside her and she knew it was contentment. She didn’t feel it often but when she did, it made her life seem, not so bad. It was an okay life and she loved living but… God she was getting married in a month. Three weeks actually and it didn’t seem like a long time at all. She liked the man she was going to marry, but she just felt like… there was something missing from her life.

She got out of bed and dressed for the day, it was just daybreak now. She dressed in a swirling skirt and flouncy top. Her shoes were sneakers as always and her clothes were in tones of brown and yellow to match her bright blonde hair and brown eyes. She did her make-up and walked outside. She left her kitten in her room like she always did and tripped her way down the stairs as fast as she could. She ran outside to the garden and picked some flowers, running back inside and placing them in the vase at the base of the stairs, where the other flowers she’d picked before were wilting. She walked outside and lay the decaying flowers on the ground around the rosebushes. Their deaths would bring new life. 

She lies back down when she gets inside, propping her legs up on the couch and feeling watched. She looks up behind her and there’s nothing, then she looks up over her legs and eeps! Jaque was there. She scrambles to her feet as he walks over to her, smirking. He took up one of her hands and kissed it lightly, his eyes trailing her figure and coming to rest on her eyes. His own eyes were a light honey color, his hair a dark brown and his body slim but of medium build. She was much slimmer, willowy if you will. She barely had any curves but he still looked at her like he wanted to devour her, it was nice but sometimes it did unnerve her a little. “Vana… You look stunning as usual.” She smiles at him, 

“Thank you Jaque.” He sits down on the couch, pulling her with him so they’re sitting together.
“Are you happy about our wedding? You seem a bit less bright than usual.”
“No, of course not!” She smiled winningly and patted his knee. “Of course I am happy, I know you well enough to know you will make a good husband.” She assures him and he leans close to her, reaching up to play with her hair.
“Ah you are so beautiful and bright. Full of the love of life.” He grinned at her blush as she turned away from him. “And so modest and sweet. I just want to eat you up.” He leaned over and playfully bit her shoulder, the shirt she was wearing left it uncovered. She squeaked lightly and pushed him away,
“You’re terrible!”
“Yes, I’m afraid so.” She blinks and turns to see her father, Nathan Grace, coming down the stairs to greet her with a kiss and a smile.
“Father, good morning.” Her accent skittered along the edges of her speech, there but gone as soon as you recognized it for what it was.
“Daughter, it is good to have you up and around and not locked away in your room as usual.”
“I’m a painter and writer, father, I must have quiet and no distractions.”
“Yes, yes. It is simply good to see you getting some fresh air.”
“I sometimes paint on the balcony father.”
“You know what I meant.”

She smiles and he sweeps off as usual, finding his way down the stairs and stalking off toward the stateroom. Nathan was a baron of industry. He was currently in talks with Jaques’ father to merge their companies, that’s what the marriage was all about. She looks over at Jaque, and he was looking after the two maids that walked behind her father, his advisors. She could swear one looked back and smiled at him. But it was so fast she couldn’t be sure. 

“Vana dear, walk with me outside.” She smiles and takes his arm, walking out into the bright light of day.

I’ll tell you now, Square Enix probably isn’t going to buy your game idea / game implementation. If they hear and see your idea, if it’s really of SE quality, and where they want to take the next Final Fantasy, they’ll just make a new official Final Fantasy with your ideas and a better implementation (more experienced coders, more optimized engine, etc), and tell you to cease and desist.

You can’t sell (or make a game based around) something that doesn’t belong to you (the Final Fantasy brand name attached to the project). You would do far, far better just trying to make an original game and selling it normally via normal distribution channels (i.e. Indievania, Desura, etc). I’m not familiar with intellectual property law, though, so I can’t really say exactly what’s alright or not, but I’m just saying that I don’t think it would be wise to make a game entitled “Final Fantasy: Something Or Other”.

Kay, then I’ll do that if it’s really impossible. I’d still love to see this as final fantasy but I can guess you’re right.

I wasn’t going to call it final fantasy I was just going to leave the name Rad for the whole pitch thing. But I could see where you’d get that impression. I wanted to pitch it, not just name it that.