final fantasy hair


so i finally got started on a little project, however i have one problem, the hair of the character

what i really want is final fantasy advant children hair. it looks amazing,

so i went tried out blender hair-:frowning: thats when it begins, static hair cant be deformed using a lattice- :frowning: also the hair is white, with blue tips, but depending ont he light source the blue wanders around on the hair???

does anyone know of any method how to create realistic hair, that can be made into spikes and have blue tips applied to it???

also how would one animate it?

im really interested, and found a couple of good posts, but they didnt really help me out with my problems :frowning: so does anyone know of any trick or tips?

FF VII: Advent Children got me searching for an open source thing:p.

Ofcourse you allready know of the animated button next to the static button in the particles tab, maybe that does something. for the hairlook… maybe you should try copying the object, make it a halo(size: 0.300, Hard: 50), add a marble texture(size:0.600, depth: 0).
In the Map output set Size X to 3.40, then the Map to tab unclick Col and click Alpha… that’s sketchy’s work but… now there’s the stranshader option and… I don’t know how to work with that yet…

i tried that, but its not the look that i am after, i tried to deform the static particles with a lattice, but that didnt work, even when the animate button is pressed

can anyone mabe tell me how to make hair that like bends using the lattice and static particles, or if it impossible (right now im hoping that i jsut cant get it to deform because im new to particles)

*bleedForMe, thanks for help, the halo tip is great, but not quick what im after, keep up the good work(Y)

I thought that you could use curve guides for movement of strands?

This is simple. I knew how they did this almost instantly. Oldest trick in the book. It looks to me that they probaly used the plane method in combination with hair static particles. Put the hair texture each on individual planes and form them into spikes. And then use the static particles just for the little individual hairs that just stick out. Use beizer curves in curve guid to form the static particle direction. Then add some soft body effect only slightly to kinda give it that hair bounce effect.

I’ve never tried it but just by looking at it I’m 90% sure that’s how they did it, or how it would be done in blender. The hardest thing would probably be making the hair texture.

Idenheart is absolutely right . I dont know about the hair exactly , but ive seen other scenes where you get to see a lot of similar texture work . The major eg. i know of is Vincents Cloaks during the scene where Marlene leaves cloud and goes to stand next to Vincent . There if you look carefully , even though the cloak is torn at the bottom , it deforms incorrectly as if it were a perfect piece of cloth ( basically a Plane !!) . It’s probably the same thing applied to Hair using Opacity maps and Alpha nad such .

ok, thank you very much, that seems to work:)

i made a very basic appearance, but it already looks good, so now its time totexture, yay.

ill post a render after i finish the textures:)