"Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children" Modeling Techniques

I’m starting this thread for all the fanboys/fangirls of Square Enix’s inventive work in CG.

I started using Blender a while ago now and am at the point I can call myself an intermediate with at least the modeling feature of the greatest program I have ever had the pleasure (…moan, and unfortunately the occasional severe migraine :eek:) to use. But I digress…

Please feel free to post your comments on the movie, Square Enix and their projects in general, and hopefully we’ll get some fans of the movie who will contribute some tuts for some of the modeling techniques the artists at SE used.

P.S. Shippers, SACCers, and Scapers I may start a thread for you guys to, I just started a Moya model. Just started like five minutes ago…:smiley:

I’ve got some questions for the blender heads.

Did anyone notice that the Enix peeps really went crazy with the purple highlighting between the eye and the nose on many of their characters? But in the certain light it was very glaring. Was this due to SSS or just different lighting causing it to mix in and out of different shadows?

I was also curious about how someone would go about modeling Cloud’s Jacket. If you look you can see a type of elevated rig and valley thing.(n-n-n-n-n). Where the fabric runs over his shoulder you can see the background between the peaks. Would this need to be done with polys? (the clothes in the film makes me newb-up with glee)

What are some of the blender heads opinion on the method(s) of modeling the hair for the characters? Is it just a slick use of the card method? (Red fur looked like a wet shaggy dogs fur…kind of unimpressed).

Yeah jessegp, I gotta agree Red’s fur was dissapointing, it looked like they glued a steel wool texture to him…yuk~!:mad:

I have to say ALL the clothing was impressive, the scene where we first see Rude and he puts on his glove, that just made my year.:smiley:

Plus the detail they put into Bahmut, ahhh…(drools with pure CG delight).

I’m not sure if they used the card method for hair, it looks to me like some type of vertices technique with the way it moved and joined at the end for most characters, like Cloud and Reno.

Think this probably belongs in off topic.

This is my first post.

I just got through watching the movie and was crazy about it, so I set down, got on google and looked up the sword system he uses, and now I am in the process of recreating it.

I am only about a 1/3 of the way done, and I am really excited about it. Here is a basic pic of what I am working on.

I have 1,2,and 3.4 all done except for texturing, and I am working on the 4.6 model right now.

Then Ill have to animate it, and in the end I hope to have them all assembled, hit play and they come apart. Hopefully.


When you are finished with the set you should try your hand at the buster sword (i think that is what its called), the rusted sword on the hill. Doing the wear and dings would be different from the newish look of the 6 blade set.

Oh and hells yeah good luck with your blending.

Well in the end end end, I plan on having cloud fight Zach(for no reason at all just cool), Cloud will have the system and Zack will have the buster sword. It should take up all my free time from now till christmas lol.

Hi ,

Well in the end end end, I plan on having cloud fight Zach

Yes man … i want to see that :smiley:

And the sword drawing are cool :eek:.
Want to see this too animate :stuck_out_tongue: , keep it up …

Peace .

Here are some captures for you guys.



Most of my progress is in the textures section, mainly because I such at teh textures.

You’ll have to keep us updated.
Gotta see this!!

I was thinking of tackling Bahmut, but when I watched again the other night, dang man, that thing is complex! I don’t know how long that sucker would take.:confused::mad:
I guess if I do it I’ll join fcdrifter in that Christmas deadline! ( I still have to finish my Moya model, and find a texture for her, that’s late August lol )

From what I hear bahamut took 20 people 40 hours each to make.

Anyone know how they did the hair and clothing movement and textures.

I know the white engine is good but damn.

I watched this movie not too long ago. The graphics were pretty cool stuff. I just had trouble following the story but then again I am never good with reading in between the lines.

I did get the chance to check out Disc 2. I saw a glimpse of Maya during one of the modelers comments. Basically though, they chose to go all out and crazy with this. They didn’t want to “look like” the other type of stuff you see in the movies. They wanted to be original as possible and pretty much decided to do whatever they felt like.

I would be interested to hear some more details on this project myself. If you do make some fanart with blender/etc, please do share. :smiley:

yeah, i’ve also heard that maya was used for ffvii: advent children. maya has a hair object, so it’s really probable that that or something like Joe Alter’s Shave and a Haircut was used for the hair in the movie. i’m also not sure if a displacement map was used for the clothing, or it was modeled…now that would have been something to see…


I found this old (Sep. 2005) promotional material from some asian magazine that shows some Advent Children. I am unable to translate it. Looks like promotional material to sell Maya (and eventually Advent Children) but maybe there’s some good info on it about the production process?

I think they wrote their own software just for that flick.

I Know that they used there White Graphics engine, and thats about it.

yeah they made their own program for the movie. Those of you who have the DVD, look in the special (forgot where in there) and after a while you will hear some mention about a custom made program for the movie.

Ill try that later.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within hair, is a mix between PaintFX and Polygons, they use the polygons as the base of the hair. Final Fantasy: Advent Children, is just polygons with alpha maps.

So if u are using Maya 7 or 8, u can use the Maya Hair plugin, it’s the same and much better. But it’s just PaintFX and curves… and spending some time styling…

The hair issue is really very complecated, if u go to cgtalk.com, they have discussed a lot of subjects about final fantasy hair there.

These attached images are copyright of “Final Fantasy Advent Children Reunion Files” Book

There are sample jpg textures that can be added to a material like color and opacity chanels… and any cg software permit that… .but I really recommend Maya cause It’s really easy to bear… ehhmmm… blender its great too…