Final Fantasy VII for PS3 cover

Hi, all. I have made a cover art for Final Fantasy VII RPG game. I hope, that Square-Enix will contact me, if they do a remake of FFVII on PS3 ;). Made with Blender 2.45 and GIMP.
(This cover art is only for fun, I used a lot of copyrighted material there.)
Edit: the pic has about 290kb, so it will take a little time to load

errr…where is it?..maybe it just isn’t loading for me… I’ll try later

where is fantasy in grayscale characters?

I have made the characters in black and white, because I wanted to underline the dualismus between the good (Cloud Strife) and the evil (Sephiroth). The background shows The Good side (in white) and The Evil side (in black). Each character has opposite colour to his side, because they dont represent pure good or evil.

Or you were just too lazy to UV texture them?

Are you going to retain the “original” 3D style of Final Fantasy VII or is this just a starter copy and you’ll improve on it later? It looks better than what I’m doing (modelling simple people, cough, cough) :slight_smile: Any chance of seeing this in colour too?

Man that cloudwhatever is one dumb ass looking sword… I hated it the second i saw it first time… still dont like it.

OK, guys. I will make some modifications. It looks that dualistic concept is not suitable for FFVII :(.

It looks that Cloud is the evil one because he’s black and Sephiroth is good. Flipping backgrounds on them with the monochromatic scheme doesn’t fit either and is really quite boring. You don’t see the expression on the character’s faces, so you cannot perceive the good/evil from the characters. The poses are boring… make 'em more dynamic. You can enhance good vs. evil depictions with the environment and lighting as well instead of a flat gradient; e.g. Sephiroth against a darkly lit background scene with lightning/thunder clouds vs. Cloud in a brightly lit environment. What is hard is fusing the two ideas in one image and then striking a balance (or show one idea overpowering the other).

Shame you couldn’t texture it, would have been my 5 star vote.
It looks ugly the way you set it up, not interesting, messy.
5 star modeling. 2 star setup.
3 star overall, sorry. But hey, if you can texture it and fix it up, post it in a new thread and ill reconsider.

texture it and it would be insanely better

Would it be possible to see just the models in viewport wire form? I would greatly appreciate it, the models look clean and I’d like to keep them for reference. :slight_smile:

It would have made a good game cover about 5-10 years ago, now graphic art is so complex, people are making crazy stuff.

lol the bad dude sword looks like zabuza from naruto and yes i am a naruto fan!!!

Thanks for your ideas folks - all of them. I used models from my game project (they are lowpoly and not UVmapped), I posted it here for fun. But you guys inspired me, so I decided to make highpoly models and make the coverart more action-based. I will post it in another thread in Work In Progress section.
Vincimus: the swords of each character are from Final Fantasy VII game. Cloud (left) has Buster sword and Sephiroth (right) has Masamune Sword.
LowPoly: here are some (lowpoly :)) model screens, which you wanted to see.
And here are head details (,
Here you can see model realtime ([4,5 MB, RAR]