Final Fatasy kit - work in progress

been busy this week. sick midget etc.
it’s been fun, bit at every step you blame the engine.

vertex color based splat mapping or a stencil texture based splat mapping is how modern AAA terrians are made (fallout 4?)

about tbe clothsim, my compound actor that walks and down stairs should in theory interact with it’s cape,

I really have never had a longer week as far as that goes.
I code for fun when I have time.

I am an adult with responsibilities.

No one is questioning your maturity, yes splat mapping is how it’s done, but blender does it badly in comparison to programs that are designed for game creation. Have a good one.

He gave up to easily.

That’s what happens when you are too spoiled by modern engines… :no:

Yup, that’s what happens.

I have never used any other engine, what actually happened was autism. But it’s for the better, blender’s game engine don’t deserve the attention.

No, I did some initial coding, and you sculpted a model, my midget got sick
(she is still home btw)

I already work overtime as it is, and sometimes I just cant code or even make art at the end of the day.

you got pushy instead of working on your own stuff,

I can rig animate and code all in one session if I have time,
like I did for project IOU last week.

I don’t want this getting ugly,
if you join a Project, keep at it

these things take time.