final model

just want to share my first ever modeled vase, glass, textured floor and wall, i accidentally post it in other thread. harhar… anyway, i do hope u guys like it… 3 hours modelling whew, actually its my first time to use BLENDER 2.46, learned from tutorials online… hihi…


Looks great!
But if you really want it to be realistic, you should use Indigo it’s amazing what it can do!

I think it is great, hmmm Indigo whats that? hmmm blender should be able to have a good result if you try different lighting and how much gloss and reflection is on everything hmmm interesting.

photoguy: am still a noob when it comes to blender, anyway, thanks for the tip, INDIGO look nice, is INDIGO a kind of render? like yafray? thanks for the link. oh yah, INDIGO is actually a kind of render… just read bout’ it. :slight_smile:

keyshiroi: thanks for the advice. right now, am still in a learning process in blender, well, thru tutorials and self-study i’d be able to cope / learn some new things in blender.

btw, i’m using a MAC, i think indigo render is now compatible with mac

Very nice render. Did you use the internal renderer?

yes, it’s internal render (blender)