Final phase, final obstacle

(Hope this the right category)
I finished up my modeled, textured it using image texture. Very satisfied I was.
But when I was uploading the modle as FBX I got the following:

And the model should look like this:

So I looked here and there for a walk around and found this:

And am suspecting it is the reason why my modle looks that way.
Help pls!

Are you using more than one UVmap? Maybe its using the wrong UVmap to display the texture.

Model consists of 9 main mesh objects, each has a texture image of it is own.
All the images + the FBX are compressed in the zip file

You didn’t share the model, and that is understandable since this appears to be something you are trying to submit for a contest, but it’s really hard to tell what the issue is by just looking at screenshots.

Judging from the last screenshot you shared, the UVmap for the helmet doesn’t line up with the texture that has orange rings on the left. My guess is that that portion of the model is either using the wrong UVmap for the texture, or you have the wrong texture assigned to it. I would go over each part of the model and make sure the materials are setup properly.

At this point, I’ve hated the contest that am trying to upload for.
If you promise confidentiality. I can share my model for you. But not here, maybe on Telegram if you use it

Material panel says am using all the right uvmaps in their right objects

In the last image, if I set the right uvmap and texture to the right object, all remaining (objects appearing up the object am working on) use the uvmap I just setter as a place to put texture