Final Project - Culinary Institute

hey all
since i used a bunch of CG for the last major project here at school, i figured id throw it up here, see what yall think.
project was a culinary institute on an urban site downtown. i used Blender alot for study models, development, viz, and to get a sense of the spaces/make sure everythings working out. had my review last friday, after which i got absolutely ripped to celebrate the end of 2 months of brutal studio grinding.

the reason most of the renderings are still very grainy is because they were all rendered over the course of one or two nights, with some changes (therefore rerenders). so basically once they looked clear enough to be able to see what was going on, i booted the next one cuz of time constraints.

well start with this:

exterior shot looking north from across the street

structure axonometric (i love how Blender has lineweights)

interior dining/demonstration space

view towards the stage

view to the upstairs library from the dining space

main staircase shaft

practise kitchen

residence/faculty lounge

and the furniture i threw together to populate the building:

plans (hand drawn/scanned)


process/concept sketches

rendered in Indigo and Blender Internal, some postprocessing (mostly noise removal) in Photoshop

Great design. And the renders are nice too.

Very professional, excellent lighting and modeling. I love the mood of the first one!
My jaw actually dropped open!
(Ok, you get the idea. 5 Stars.)

Really nice work. :slight_smile:

In general, the grainy-ness was not too noticable and actually contributed to the style of the whole thing.


WOW thats nice :D, the first render is actually my favorite…
Amazing work, you definitely put a lot of time into this.
5 *'s.

Way to go! Awesome stuff. 5 starred.

hey there Stompin Tom - you have some really nice material here…concepts/sketches/contemporary spaces & elevations are great. i would hope you aced the mark. even your furniture suites the scene


you ought to be paid alot of money for those
definately deserves 5 stars and a snug place in the gallery :eek:

I’m amazed! 5*

truly amazing…a bit grainy, nonetheless…great design, superb models, good textures, spot on lighting…great work…5 stars…wanted to give more…

Great stuff…definitely 5 stars

Could you tell me how you perform the axonometric render? Is that a BW render with edges enabled?

woah! that’s fantastic! gallery! gallery!

Yafray or what? totally awesomness. Aaand I love that grainy effect!

Indigo & Blender internal. read first post :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, it’s a success.

Kitchen is my fav.
Great work.

Oh wow, these look like they could be fantastic.

Pleeeeze fix the grainyness-for this project it looks absolutlely awful! It looks like images of one of the derelict buildings round about Chernobyl!

It will be well worth the time and effort finishing these to perfection.

holy shit! thanks a ton guys! thank you all for your kind comments!

the axos are just a shadeless material with edge rendering turned on. Blender somehow does automatic lineweights which is really cool.
as far as being paid for this, haha im paying the school to do this, unfortunately.
the interior perspectives were rendered in Indigo and im considering rerendering most of them until theyre squeaky clean.

thanks again guys!

What is this thing??

Some of those renders look like screenshots out of a horror movie or BioShock or something. It’s deliciously freaky!
I know that’s not the feel you were going for, but it’s what I felt when seeing it.

Either way it’s fantastic, and I’d like to see more.
The kitchen is fantastic btw. So very artistic :wink: