Final project in my Digital imaging class

I’ve been taking a digital imaging class at my local community college, And well, As my final project, I thought I’d whip up something 3d. It turns out my skills are rusty, and I cut myself way too short on time, but I came up with this, I did some post-pro in the gimp, but Its mostly just Blender. I dont think i got the message accross with the scene, and It sux, But hey, whatever. I’m done with it, So, now I’m moving on to bigger and better projects.

I don;t understand the intention of the project, so what was your brief, and what did you aim to do. then i can rate it.


Yeah, I have no idea what message it’s trying to convey

I think you should try to find a place for each object.

For the moment it’s not very meaning.

Keep up your work!

it is very nice shaded, and everything, just i have an issue with the objects on it, the keypad isnt connected to any thing (well maybe it is wireless …ok) but where is the CPU? that’s all, besides it, is working fine for a final project. You may have your reasons to put erlenmeyer flasks and a computer, and papers, and a picture of who look like to be Al Capone…

Your textures are way fuzzy. What’s your filter setting at?

Ok, sorry i probably should have explained it a little, First off the title is ‘Mad Science’ The picture is of my ex-girlfriend, I blurred it a bit so it wasnt just popping out of the scene, and symbolize a bit the blurry nature of a breakup, leading to ‘Mad science’… Basically I totally fubared the whole thing. But Its done, I’m not going to work on it any more. though I’ve been wanting to use blender to kind of vent some of the pain involved with that whole breakup. She was my first girlfriend ever, and well, I dont think I’ll reveal my age to embarrass myself that much :slight_smile: But It has really sparked a lot of creative energy, that at the moment, I’m wasting.

(EDIT)i think i overdid the blurring a bit, here’s the raw render, I think its a different angle, but its the same textures

this one is much better!

I think this would have been better if posted in the Therapy Forums or something.
JK Fair Image, but a little empty. Or was that intended, a symbol of the emptiness after a break up?..

Nice work

Pretty good lighting, though there’s not much going on in the scene.

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JJ Dinomite did you get your name from JJ in good times?

Hehe, yeah, I kinda intended to be empty, other than this single object of obession, like a single motivator. I liked the darker version better, which is really just the second image i posted, with a lot of gimping. It ended up too light, because i wanted to set the mood darker, More towards a bitter and frustrated intent. I’m glad you guys have critiqued it. A lot of the confusion i have with this piece is also has a lot to do with the confusion I have over the relationship, especially the end. So, i guess… I’ve probably had too much to drink, which means I’m reading too much into my own phsychological purposes… ahhhh!!!