Final render for the BlenderGuru comp. (future) 11/5/2011

Well This is pretty much done. BlenderGuru contest (future).

Possible final, I should say. Any suggestions on missing details and/or modeled items would be greatly appreciated.

Hhm, to be honest, after looking at your image for a while I still don’t have a clue what it is about. There is a war plane, which may look in some way futuristic (though it’s nothing which couldn’t be built these days, too), but I have no idea, where it is and why it’s there.

I have to agree with Skydiver. I personally have no idea what the image is trying to say. And that thing (bullet hole?) in the bottom right corner is immensely confusing and distracting.

I agree with both /, I have no idea what this image is about, it could just as easily be a display image in an army catalog of war planes for all I know; but if it were, the image is way to blurred out and motion blurred to hell to even see any details.

The…bullet hole…? (When I fist saw it I thought, and still do, it looked like a pigeon had landed a nice shot of **** right on the lens) is completely unnecessary and distracting. If perhaps, we were in the middle of a giant dogfight and there were planes flying everywhere and bullets were flying, then it might be… note: MIGHT BE, justified. But even then it would have to incredibly more underplayed than it is at the moment.

Otherwise, like I said before, the image is way to blurred out for me to even comment on the actual model. Although I’m still confused why it has a giant kite tail flying out behind it…

Not meant to be harsh, just honest. Simple is better, and story is king.

Well Thanks lol. I didn’t put much time or thought into this one. The future theme is so done. But I will take some time to fix up some stuff later.

Supposed to be a unmanned drone, after all mankind is lost. But I just kinda gave up on it.

Title is “Should of voted for the other guy”.

BTW my wife told me it looked like a bird crapped on the lens as well. HAHAHA

Ok I’m trying out some stuff to see if I can assert a story line XD. Not sure if this will work but… Still working on this.

Cam View

I find your latest to be much better than the original. Definitely makes it more interesting in my opinion.

(suppressing inner grammar nazi… must… resist…)

Yea. I will fix the spelling today.