Final Render Incorrectly Rendering Animations

I made an animation in which the flames of the fire are individual objects cycling through their own animations. They start tiny amongst the logs of the fire, then they smoothly grow larger, then they begin to smoothly rise upwards and decrease in size again, before they disappear and start the cycle again.
In the 3D viewport, this works perfectly, however when I rendered the final 9 second clip, the animations stopped working properly and the flames just started appearing full sized. Here is a compressed part of the final render to show you what I mean:

If you play the video at half speed you can see that at about the one second mark the flames lose their smooth movement and begin to just appear halfway through their cycle.
So my question is what could be wrong in my render settings that makes the animations in the final render turn out differently from those in the 3D viewport.
Thanks for your help!


Campfire Animating Part 2 [v.5] (Randomising Grass and Fire) {COMPLETE}.blend (2.06 MB)

I cant find anything wrong with the file, but I wonder why you are running at 60 frames per second?

What you can try is to render the animation as single image files, rather than a video file, then open a new blender project and load these images, all at once, into the Video Sequence Editor and run the animation. You will then see if there is anything wrong with the rendering or whether it’s the video building that is at fault. Personally i always render animation now on this basis as it is not a problem if your PC goes down, you just start it from the last good image.

Try this and let us know how it goes.

Cheers, Clock.

Thanks for the reply. I am running at 60fps just because I knew it would be a very short animation so I just thought why not?
Also I did render with single images which did produce the error, so it isn’t that. I also tried rendering straight to video, which produced the same results, and it always starts happening at the same frame each time. I’m still very new to animating in blender so I don’t have much experience with what this problem could be caused by, and hopefully I don’t have to start again from scratch.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

are you using the dope sheet and graph editor to look at what is going on with your animation?

here’s a good tutorial on those things…

I found the problem. My viewport visibility was keyframed correctly but my render visibility wasn’t. Thanks anyways guys :slight_smile: