Final Render Not Same as Viewport

When I render something the viewport is what I want it to look like but the materials aren’t applying (I Think).

Here is the viewport

and the final render
They both have the same thing, one just doesn’t have the material on it. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
Not supplying a blend file with your post.

The viewport and the rendered scene are different things. You can make them behave the same or behave differently. We know nothing about your scene, material or render settings just from what you have supplied, that is why you should ALWAYS supply a demo blend file with support questions.!1lYkyDqD!nYAYy-BNEbQnvtVo71AD-gjO0P8VMgF705yykR5MDN0

That’s a link to download my .blend file

After a quick look it seems that your render layers for each scene are reversed, ( layer 1 and 2 ) also the mask layer needs to be unchecked.
Anyway, it renders fine with those items changed.

That stopped all my problems, thanks.