Final render of cloud shot (2.5 Volumetrics)

Hi all,

Here’s the (nearly) final version of a shot I made for a music video. I used Blender 2.5’s volumetrics to generate the clouds, and the ship is a physical miniature.

It says the video is private.

That is very cool. 4 star, I didn’t know 2.5 could do that.

Very nice clouds (any tips on how you made them?), and if by “physical miniature” you mean you composited it in there, then it’s very well done :).

Thanks all! Some info on my method is on this thread:

wow, that’s nice :smiley: is that ship a earth-re-entry module of some sort? i don’t know what the precise term is…

really cool, clouds in 2.5 :slight_smile: smoke simulation, right? in either case, i have to try smoke simulators, i haven’t gotten them to work yet…

Very nice, realistic-looking clouds. Tutorial?

Thanks guys! This post explains the process – basically, using a particle system to generate a point cloud, and then using the “Point Density” texture… I’m going to make a few tutorial videos once I get this project done, which hopefully will be soon!

Great clouds! My favorite is at 0.03,when the ship exits the first cloud .

Yeah, I made sure to pay special attention to that moment. I built a dummy CG ship in blender, and sent it smashing into some particles. Those particles became the little trail of cloud that the ship leaves behind :slight_smile:

I could be wrong, but I don’t think that cloud trail would ever occur in real life… but it sure looks nice! Great lighting as well.