Final render of first project:)

Hey guys this is the final render of my first ever blender project, besides the ones one does whilst learning the program:)
Let me kno wat ya think?


Interesting view, I believe the head is too glossy, (the body looks fine that way)and the texture might be abit stretched. If you don’t want to change anything I would suggest for you to angle the camera looking upwards from the base, showing off you efforts better.

The 3 highest strings don’t show up well…
You should tell the owner of that guitar that after he strings it it is safer to trim the remainder off. =D
It would look better if all the other strings we shabby as so…

edit: most guitars have a dot/marker on the 3rd fret aswell =]


I have owned cheaper guitar’s with a look that plastic heh, I like the camera angle, the body itself tho could use some more detail in terms of the wood texture, if feels like all the light is bouncing off the surface.

:slight_smile: ( I know tons of people that don’t trim their strings heh, even tho they should I agree. )

Also I think this is a great modeling job.

It does look great though tilting my head is a bit of an issue. hahaha! Great work, pal. :slight_smile: