Final render worse than preview

Hi there! It’s my first time here and I hope I choosed the right place to ask this question.

I’m trying to model and render this simple scene (see the attached image) n blender but I noticed a huge difference between the final render (image 1) and the preview (image 2). Do you have any suggestion to help a newbie like me understand why the final render doesn’t give the same result I see in the preview? Thank you!! :slight_smile:

It’s always best to attach or post a link to your blend file. Your screenshot misses out huge amounts of relevant information.

I think that being a new user I can’t post link. In fact I tried replying you with a link to the blend but I can’t see my reply published. May I contact you personally in some way? In any case, thank you very much for your interest!

Solved! Two kind guys on Google Plus helped me figuring it out. I had an unnecessary solidify modifier on the water that was disabled in preview but was rendered in the final render. It was sufficient to remove it :slight_smile: