Final Stand - Scifi/Fantasy FPS

Hello guys! I’m proud to present my latest project!:

Final Stand is a Sci-fi and Fantasy FPS, where you fight for the freedom of the new human generation against an alien race called ‘‘The Worshippers’’.


Everything started long ago, in the Milky way galaxy. Humanity was at it’s golden age, but it that age, was going to be short. An alien race, called ‘‘The Worshippers’’ launched an invasion against humanity.
The war took around 100 years, and humanity was loosing. On it’s last effort, the humans created a new human specie, the ‘‘Homo-Navitas’’. The first two people who volunteered for this project, were given supernatural powers, wich allowed them to control the 4 elements. Water, Earth, Fire and Air, they were at their hand. All the population, now evolved, was sent to the Andromeda galaxy, throught an ancient Alien galactic jumpgate, near the galactic core.
The Worshippers didn’t knew about this gate, wich gave the humans time to escape.

The humans on the Milky way became extinct, but the ones in Andromeda, began to rebuild a new empire.
3000 years passed, the new humans divided in 3 factions according to their powers. Solarius Coalition, wich got the ‘‘Terrabiosis’’ (Earth control power), the Imperial Covenant, wich got the ‘‘Ignisbiosis’’ (Fire control power), and the Antaria Alliance, wich got the ‘‘Aquabiosis’’ (Water control). These 3 factions, are now at war. The Imperialists want to expand, defeating everyone on their way, the Solarians want to destroy everyone who they think is heretic to their beliefs, and the Antarians want to restore peace to the galaxy.

Soon, this war will have to end, since an old ancient treath, is about to bring an age of darkness across the galaxy, and the three factions, who have been fighting for soo long, will have to unite, under a single banner, to defeat this evil.

The Air control powers, who the humans thought were extinct, return every 200 years, with the birth of a child, worthy of these powers. But, there’s only 1 way to activate them: Finding a noble, honorable and true reason to fight.

The year is 3130, and this evil, is about to reach…


The Homo navis look like normal humans, with an exception of tattoo like shapes on their faces, according to their powers. Each of them are born with these shapes, and only ‘‘The protector’’, wich is the child born with the Air powers, has unique shapes on his, or her, face. Also, the Protector must master the other three powers to activate the ‘‘Ventusbiosis’’ (Air control powers).

The Homo navis can live about 200 years, they have great athletic abilities and are capable of using their powers to fight.

-What i’m aiming for?-

I’m trying to make a connection between the player and the characters, something strong enought that if one of them dies, you feel bad about him or her.

There wil be romantic scenes, where the player kisses a women. These scenes will be obligatory, since they are connected to the main story of the game, plus they’re quite sentimental and epic :slight_smile:

-CHARACTERS (Not all of them)-

-John Begh’ Naer-

The player, John Begh’ Naer, is the new protector, and he must find a way to activate his Air powers.
He was born in December 21th, of 3098 A.S (After settlement) in the Antarian Homeworld, Neema. He’s a Antarian, wich means he can use the Aquabiosis.
During the war, he joined to the Antarian military. His rank is Commander.

During the main story, he will find out that he is The Protector, when he accidentally uses Terrabiosis and Ignisbiosis to defend the Seargent Alira Nah’ Daron. Also during the story, John falls in love with Alira, who is still confused, and doesn’t knows what decide about what John fells about her. She doesn’t knows if she loves him, or just wants them to be friends.

He will also will be the one with the task to unify the factions.

-Alira Nah’ Daron-

She’s a first class ‘‘Chosen Hunter’’. She was born in August 12th, of 3100 A.S. She’s John’s closest companion during the war. During the war, she also joined the Antarian military. She, as any other antarian, can use Aquabiosis. Her favorite weapon is a ‘‘Phareon class Military bow’’, or how Chosen Hunters call them, ‘‘Death bow’’.

At some point of the game, she and John are on her homeworld, Mirari, where a temple built by their ancestors is located. Both go to the temple, where John activates 3 of the pillars of the Biosis. He only activates the Ignis, Terra and Aqua pillars, doing a sacred ‘‘dance’’, but when he tries to activate the Ventus pillar, he gets a flashback, of his father, who died in a battle at the planet of New Hope. He remembers his last words.

Alira, comes and asks him if he’s ok. John tells her that he’s not, and she asks why. John tells her part of the story of his father. Alira, surprised by how much John’s father death affected him, hugs him. Both look at their eyes, and she kisses him. Once she does it, the shapes on their faces start to glow, and both get the Ventusbiosis. After this, the Ventus pillar turns on.

This, explains a lot. Since throught all the game Alira didn’t knew that she was a Protector.

-Thalia Surkah-

Thalia is the leader of a rebellion against the Imperialist dictator. She leads a group called ‘‘The Eagle’s eye’’, this group is opposed to the idea of the Imperialist expansion and to the whole war.

She was born June 9 of 3099 A.S. Her favorite weapons are dual blades and Sniper rifles. She’s a Imperialist, wich means she can use Ignisbiosis.

Thalia, also has a strong relation with the Antarian Goverment, who helps her in her campaing against the war. One of her closest contacts is Admiral Felix ‘‘Frost’’ Khalesh, who also plays an important role throught the game.

She and Alira don’t like each other very much, also, at some points Alira shows jelously at her.

-Concept Art-

hey that is awesome! i didnt read the whole thing but it sounds like a mix betwen halo and avatar(the airbender guy) however i like it! the concept images look very cool, they even have DOF O_O

Ha, i was actually getting inspired by Mass Effect 3, Halo and Avatar. I wanted to make a story were both ‘‘magic’’ and technology are involved :slight_smile:

This is a very interesting concept, but I have a few questions. Is there only one protector? and how do they just find out they are protectors when the protector has unique symbols on their face?

The story says ‘‘The first two people who volunteered for the project were given supernatural powers’’.
Both Alira and John are descendants from this people, wich makes them protectors. John was born with the shapes on his face, but Alira didn’t, wich was weird, she was born with normal, female shapes, or how i like to call them, ‘‘tattoos’’.

The way they find out that both are protectors is that only the protectors can use Ventusbiosis.
Also, after the scene where they find out she’s a protector, John teaches her how to use her other powers. Also note, that all of this is happening befero a VERY important event on the game :slight_smile:

Also, i finished modeling Alira’s body some time ago. I started texturing her face already :slight_smile:
Here’s what she looks like right now, even if she still needs some improvements:

Here’s a new concept art i just finished.
Tell me what ya think! :slight_smile:

Just finished another female.
This one, is Thalia, the leader of a Rebellion agains the Imperialist dictator.

well… im not really interested in magic and that stuff, but that image looks really cool, and the explosions look really amazing!

In Fact, Magic and Technology are one and the same. If you know what it works like, it is Technology – if not, then it is Magic. The Term actually derives from an ancient Persian Caste of Scholars and Scientist, but for the less educated their Knowledge seemed like what we now call Magic. Nowadays, Magic is getting more and more real – just look at Quantum Mechanics, that Stuff is real and it could change the World, if only the World (= Mankind, etymologically) would will it. (I know, it probably doesn’t help anyone in here, I just needed to say it…)

Yeah, that’s why put the ‘‘SciFi/Fantasy’’ on the title. It was kinda because the player and the characters can use powers. Not like the biotics in Mass Effect. But like the bending in Avatar.
Also technology plays an important role throught the whole game. There’s a scene where the player meets an AI, and that AI explains how they got their powers from a far more ancient Alien race, by technology.
The story says the actual Humans befero losing the war, created the Homo Navis. But actually all they did was speed up the evolutive process of some humans. They didn’t saw coming that they were going to have powers to control each element.
The humans in the game don’t know pretty much how they can use their powers. They just concentrate, and use them.
The ancient alien race gave them those powers with technology so they could be used in a future evolution of the human race, but even they didn’t knew pretty much how they worked.

Just finished another concept art, i’ll let you think from wich part of the game it is?
-Close to the end
-Second mission

Just made a little sketch on Gimp, check it out :slight_smile:

I would like to think that one concept piece is from the second mission, a giant awesome space battle early on to get people excited to play the rest of the game. Good looking work by the way.

Wrong actually, even tho, from the beginning there will be huge epic battles.


The image is actually from close to the end. There will the biggest battle from all the game.
The 3 factions unite to try to capture a weapon capable of finishing the war, on the planet Neema, the Antarian homeworld. The thing on the center of the image is a planet killer. Also, you can see the 3 fleets working togheter: Antarian fleet (Blue lasers), Solarian Fleet (Green lasers) and the Imperialist fleet (Red ones) who are taking out the enemy from the flanks.

The cruiser close to the view, is an Antarian light assault frigate, wich is where the player will come out.

Hey guys, here’s a little screenshot of what the main menu looks like right now :slight_smile:

Hye guys, just did a little face rigging test for Thalia.
Here’s a little emotion test that i did :slight_smile:

Nice! I like how this is turning out!

its nice, but she have a face like “uhuuuuhuuuhuuuuu”.

That pic’s got a real “War for Cybertron” feel to it. Really solid art - great work. As for the face, I think leonnn is talking about her chin being too far back…? I’m not quite sure. It looks pretty good to me, particularly the happy face. I think that she could open her mouth wider, and her lips could be thicker (they just seem a bit too thin). Anyway, nice work!