Final Uni Project

Hey everyone

So I was going through some files and came across the breakdown for the final project I did for Uni. It’s a completely 3D face. It’s over a year old now, and has many problems. It’s not all blender either. I thought I’d post here just for giggles. I’m not looking for constructive feedback on it, as it was handed in along long time ago, but feel free to comment, poke fun etc.

One of the biggest issues is the colour correction. The cool tones bring out the fakeness. But the vid was hidden amongst others which all had a cooler tone, so I did it to match.

Software In order of use

Photogrammetric capture - 123D catch (when it had the much cooler name photofly)
Retopo of point clouds - Blender
Blend Shape creation - Blender
Texture paint - Blender
Image editing - Gimp (mostly used to divide polarised images to create spec maps)
Animation - Maya
Render - Mental Ray
Compositing - After Effects

Here you go:

Great work, the result is almost invisible! Impressive.

Thanks Nico, I forgot I posted this thread. Only noticed it when I was looking through my post history :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations. You have demonstrated a FX that was once used in the movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That face Patrick Stewart had was digitally created to give him a younger look.