*FINAL UPDATE* Mediterranean street.

Here is my new picture inspired by mediterranean streets I saw on my vacations.
[Edit]This is final version

Modelled and rendered in Blender.

maybe better textures on the near wall and greens in pots and more items on walls/floor -> cgtalk award :slight_smile:
maybe :slight_smile:

Yes only the textures wich are closeby could need something else…aside from that it looks good… maybe let the light come in a bit more …

and a little, very low energy, yellow hemi lamp pointing up.

I agree. It’s a very beautiful picture, and in first look it’s flawless.
I tend to agree with endi that the txture on the wall is a little bit troublesome. one of the biggest troubles with “bump” textures is where surfeces meets… in this case the floor and the wall. I suggest subsurfing the wall (alot) and using displacment maybe. that’s it for me :slight_smile: it’s a very good with excellent mode picture, reminds me of my grandmother home.

yep, place the sun higher :wink: The stairs are a bit straight. But still a nice picture :smiley:

I strongly think that it is perfect as is :smiley: :o 8) :Z , because I think it pictures reality. Here is why. What we talk about is the difference between fantasy and reality.

In a fantasy world, the evocation of a Mediterranean street conjures up the idea of an aged environment (yes, with a high up sun etc etc…), where there are flowers, sweet smell of lavender, the buzz of honey bees, see salt in the are, the chant of cicadas and on and on…

Here are my 2 cents to share, since I grew up in such a town.

When the building are what you dream (decrepit) the streets that come with the territory are crummy too… but in my experience it’s the un-poetic asphalt (yes, with a strong urine smell). Hardly worth blending.

Now, in this picture, these buildings, although it may not be obvious, are WELL kept, and have been restored lately (to show the stone, that were probably covered for centuries, to protect them)… With nice buildings come new streets. So there is no age to speak of… hence my H. opinion: THIS PICTURE IS PERFECT REALITY.

Now, the beauty of Blender is… mixing reality w/ fantasy.

Then, yes, I agree with the above.


I like it, very clean, and the realism is extrodenary! Good Job

Happy Blending

Thanks for comments :slight_smile:
Here is improved version:

OOO, i like it, could you post the blend?

Druga wersja lepsza, ale razi polaczenie kafelkow ze sciana! A tak to genialne :stuck_out_tongue:
<luznie tlumaczenie:>

Second version is better, but the connection between the wall and the floor is not good… besides that it’s brilliant :stuck_out_tongue:


PS. Na scianie jest troche lyso, a zajmuje wiekszosc obrazka… hmm moze jakas rynna albo co tam jest w tych krajach :stuck_out_tongue:
<luznie tlumaczenie:>

The wall is too plain, but it takes plenty of space on the pic… maybe some mediterraen details there?

There is some texture stretching on the steps

gakk?! gook! wohba! That is so cool! My crit is that the ground should be rougher, maybe the tiles a little out of alignment, and possibly some rubbish (sticks, stones, leaves, piece of paper, rag, etc.) That would look great. Also a couple weeds poking through the cracks.

I don’t know about the cables or whatever streches between the houses… If it’s cloth-line, it’s too thick (and you’d need a gear to let it go back and forth).

Still excellent in any case!


it would make for a good Counter Strike game map! i love it and it is near perfect which was probably intentional seeing as blender can make things so perfect that sometimes the world around isn’t so perfect! nice picture! :wink:

In first post there is final, I think version of this picture.
I don’t want to add some leaves or such stuff laying on the street because in Croatia where I was on vacation, streets are very clean. It’s strange but true :wink:

those streets in croatia must be very, very clean.
they are mirroring the walls. :smiley:

O yes :wink:
They are few hundred years old, and I was very suprised when I saw this first time.


Very nice. The ground looks to clean, but as you already mentioned, I geuss there supposed to be :wink: