[Final Update] Warm up!

It’s going cold here in Poland and I think it’s time to warm up :slight_smile:


This picture need some work with textures, I know :wink:
Modelled in Blender, rendered in yafray.

I think this is final version. Now it’s time for new picture.

Very nice, quite realistic looking, I think. Although maybe the tea should have some steam or something?
Overall very cool.

I find the reflection under the gass of water to be a just a little bit too reflective. And something about the spoon looks strange…other than that, excellent work?

Now, how about adding some crumpets with the tea?

Very nice…but what is that small glass of water doing in the pic…???
Do people drink alot of water in Poland ?

(just kidding, of course)

I’m working on it :slight_smile:

More OSA! I see jaggednesseses

Other then that, its fantastic. But i want to see it with more OSA!

something was bugging me about this pic then it hit me where are the shadows !!! is it just the lighting?

nice pic tho spoon looks a bit plasticy but i cant do any better yafray takes so long to render.

I think the thing with the spoon, is that the handle looks a little long. Maybe its modelled right and you just have long handled spoons in poland compared to the UK. Any ye nice pic, i agree that the lighting may be a bit too intense which is causing no shadows and have you got Over Sampling on at all cos the edges seem a bit sharp.

Other than that, some great modelling and a very nice marble texture, is it a procedural?

Holy sh**! :o

Very nice…but what is that small glass of water doing in the pic…???
Do people drink alot of water in Poland ?

Who says it’s water? :wink:

I changed the light and some materials.
It still need some work with details, but it’s close.
Updated image is in first post.

It looks like the spoon and the cup/saucer are made of the same stuff.

Yes, your are right. I fixed it :wink:

If you’ve updated the image, the change is nearly impossible to notice. Porceling and a spoon will not reflect the same way, nor do they look anything alike, yet in your picture the resemblance is striking. Try toning down the reflection on the percelin AND on the spoon, and give the spoon some kind of specular noise. A spoon is rarely flawless like the gloss on porcelin or polished stone, so its a bit weird to see it reflecting so perfectly without being able to see the spoon itself. I love the image overall though…it warms me up :wink:

Wow very nice work there. I love that Granite texture, and the light though that glass of tea. Great Job. :slight_smile:

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In first post of the topic is final version of this picture.
It’s hard to make good textures but I’m little tired. Maybe next will be better.

Thanks for comments.

Marble texture is made from photo downloaded from www.mayang.com/textures

Great job. May I ask what the render time was? Also how did you set up the lighting in addition to using the HDR image? Try adding a blue and/or yellow tint to your lights. Very light, not too saturated.

Your glass and cup have thick “rough looking” edges vs. smooth rounded ones. A few people mentioned materials. You may want to try lowering your spoon pigment to a darker grey, almost black, the give it a nice reflective property like you have. Maybe try lowering the reflection on the marble a bit. You might get a nicer contrast that way.

I have to pick up Yafray and Blender again. I’ve been out of the loop for nearly two months due to a job search. I did download 2.28c and the radiosity is a lot faster than when I first started. What version of Yable or Yable X are you using. I usually use PovRay and a patched verison called MlPov that uses HDR images.

Again nice job.

get rid of the cup and the tea that fills it and you’d have a pretty convincing scene there… if you can only now model a good looking newspaper!!

Is this real?

This is incredibly nice. Although, how is it breakfast without the rye bread toasted in bacon fat? :smiley: