*Final Update* Yafray interior

I just wanted to check how yafray can make interior lighting using cachet pathlight and photons. Here is final version:
Few months ago I made similar tests with povray, but I think yafray gives better result with similar rendering time.

A always great artwork. Specialization in architectural vizualizations as i see.

Few months ago I made similar tests with povray, but I think yafray gives better result with similar rendering time.

I’v just compared new 0.07 with Brasil features shown at splutterfish homepage [you can find there at galeries a lot of nice architectural artworks for composition concepts] . And in my opinion Yafray’s quality is very close to all good commercial GI engines.

One question. Did you use blender plugin only or it’s done with Yable ?


This was made with yafray plugin.

This look VERY good! Congratulations!
What was the render time?

Wow! The lighting in that has to be one of the most natural I have ever seen here on Elysiun!

I REALLY need to learn Yafray sometime.


The coffee table in the middle is completely realistic.

some comments (can’t make them constructive… sorry):

  • room is too orange
  • ledge outside is too green
  • picture on lcd display looks unrealistic

I think that if you’ll fix the above, it will look even better

good job!

keep working! looks awesome
what kind of light config did you use?

Wow very realistic, some of the best lighting for indoors i’ve seen.

Very nice. I think the room would look better with a cornice.
Tho: With the ledge outside I’m guessing this is a unit and its more likely (with the style of the interior) not to have a cornice.

Also the white TV looks different. (not saying nothing wrong with it)
Just I guess I’m used to seeing black or silver units. For some reason the table and chairs look very smal. The floor could also do with a polish.

Small update:
Rendering time in 640x480, OSA 5 was about 50 minutes on Barton 2500

Congrats man.
This look very realistic and PROFESSIONAL!

Nice how the lounge matchers the chairs now and the floors look polished. Noticed how you put a pot plant on the shelving unit. Time to fill the shelves with books and put flowers on the table :stuck_out_tongue:

oops didnt noticed the books

well, except for some rendering artifacts in the upper far corner, it all looks nice.

the reflection and shadow/highlights on the floor is very nice.

i want to live there… you made a very nice it’s-not-getting-dark-at-all-yet sunshine in the room. it’s like you just came in the room from outside, so it looks very dark, while that what is outside still is light.

I love the image! Very nice stab at realism!

My only (minor) crit is that the parquet wood floor pattern is a tad too large. These are usually about 6" square like in this reference image:
The reflection looks good, tho…

Also, the lense is a little on the wide angle side… there’s a little too much distortion, but I know you wanted to get it all in… maybe do a wider aspect panaramic-type shot?

Small update:
Ok, now I think light is ok, and I just have to render this with bigger resolution and better quality. Now Pathlight quality is set to Highest but in Best there are no artifacts. Rendering in 1024x768 with best quality settings shouldn’t take more than 4-5 hours.

that artifact looks like a light leak or a stray photon

do you have a “shell” around the house? sometimes it helps remove artifacts If I do that.

There is final version In first post of the topic

I’ve made some changes and now it looks better. Updated on first page.