Final War Online - Looking for additional GFX artists...

Hi There,

I’m the creator of - Its a pre rendered fully free online Role playing game set in space. the game is a 2d enviroment (meaning no Z axis).

I’m looking for additional GFX artists because although with the amount i have at the moment (3-5) the quality is high but it takes time, and with the amount of GFX i need to make a game of this size i need some extra artists.
more Screenshots here -

(Sorry, i can’t pay anybody, maybe eventually the game will have a subsciption fee, but no promises!)

Thanks for your time

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I forgot to say that all but 2 people in the team are blender users. so this project may promote blender!

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your website doesn’t seem to be up…

its up now. sorry about that…

My server was destroyed by a virus yesterday and the whole website was deleted with no backup… so i had to re do it just now, but the forums aren’t working right now and its all a bit sketchy so bear with me :slight_smile:


  • Alee[/b]

I’ll be happy to lend my assistance dont have any experience in game blender i have some in animation but my forte is in creating and texturing low or high poly models

scratch that its alreadu done lol :smiley: :slight_smile: :frowning: :o :-?

ok cool, can i see some of your work,
Please not that this game is not using GameBlender, just the renderer. We import the GFX.


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What is “scratch that its already done”? :expressionless:

look at the link in my sig forget the scracth thing

Looking Nice! Welcome to the team, i’ll give you a pm for your first assignment.


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