Finalised F1 challenge entry

I must not spend anymore time on this, so here is the finished product :frowning:

57 hrs render with completely unecessary 16x AO, also 16x OSA +MBlur, so should be no aliasing artifacts. :smiley: :wink:

Crits and comments are welcome for next time…


That looks excellent alicopey. Good luck in the competition.

Oh! I think I see some jaggies!

Lol, just kidding. Great job on the lighting and giving the scene a real sense of action. My only crit is that the driver’s head is a bit confusing. It looks like it was mapped onto a curved plane. Oh well.

57 hrs? What are you system specs?

Good luck in the comp!

Thanks for the responses! :smiley:

GCat: Thanks

Aristotle: Cheers!
The driver is fully modeled, must be a trick of the lighting…
My system is an Athlon 2000+ 512mb RAM, 408mb used - so no hdd-ing.

All the raytracing killed it, with 0 OSA just mblur and 5 AO it took 5hrs!


Reference pic:

US grand prix 2004-5 season


Thats so awesome. A few tiny flames at the damage point would have looked good, but thats just preference. Either way it looks very good.

Excelent, i love the sense of action and movement, it would be nice some fire as Ageles said, good luck at the comp :smiley:

Marvelous image. There’s so much movement in that still. If only blender did the motionblur a bit more efficiently… would save us years of our lives :wink: