Finalizing a game?

How would you. . .

  • -Package a blender runtime game on a CD?-
  • -Have the CD automaticly play the setup when you put the CD into the computer?-
  • -Do the professional “I agree to terms” and “install” stuff?-
  • And what are the basic requirements to selling a game?
  • -How would I sell a game(Website)?-
    – means solved Questions, Unless there is a better way not mentioned.
  1. I’m quite sure you can sell it on Desura.
    Color-cube might give you some idea, it was the first commercial game.

Thanks! It looks like a steam rip-off :3

Im still thinking about 3, what’s the point if it not…‘legitimate’?
As for the CD, I just dragged Grid onto a Cd and it works! :slight_smile:
Most computers automatically start them when they’re in too.

For 3, I mean like the Install menu pops up when you imsert the CD, and how do you make the game “Install”?

I wouldn’t use too much energy on “professional” launcher or automatic installers and such. After all it’s the players that are “professionals” when it comes down to getting their games going these days.

Only if you aim to make a game for big huge masses don’t know how to open file explorer etc, only then you should design such things.

Otherwise, stick on plain executables that will start up your games.

Just my opinion though.

More like an indie version of Steam.
2 requires an autorun.inf file, I think. Look it up on Google.
As for 3, there should be several free install programs that exist - look them up.

Mper makes a good point. Generally, simple zip files are easy enough for most people to deal with.

So I should just do the Auto-run file? And all I need to do is put the files on the CD?