Finally, a nice large free texture website that's less restrictive than CGTextures

frankly I think the blog system is crap, from a customer’s perspective that is.
I think the idea system is like texturelib and CGtextures because there no messing about you got a list of categories and it’s much easier to navigate to find what you want that way.

I think it would be much easier to upload your files through Ftp, on dreamweaver all you have to do is hit one button update any folders and files from your local dir to your site easy as pie ;D

I think BlenderArtist should host it, it could be like a Community/Resource site, and why stop at textures you could have a section for reference images as well I think that would be a great idea.

just to give a clearer picture I made one.

I want BlenderArtists to sponsor my BlendUpload more! If they put a link in the sidebar and I got decent traffic I’ll be more motivated to work on other useful blender sites. My problem is it takes a LOT of time to do and it costs money, and frankly I’m not getting paid anything. At least if BA sponsors my resources I’ll get traffic (and hopefully some people will donate towards my hard work) otherwise I just feel like I’m coding for no reason :confused:

I think that blendupload site is good but for me personally I would have no use for it, if I had a tut site (like blender guru for eg) I would just host my blends on my sever.
who do you think your target is…?

Finally, a nice large free texture website

CGTextures started off free… I dont see how this one could stay that was as well in the long run. There is the odd exception to these things, but once a site gets popular the running costs increase, and the owner will probubly see potential ways to make a profit from the site.

This is exactly what happened with CGTextures, when it first started out everything was pretty much free, then you had to register for the good stuff, now you have to register and pay etc.

The bazillion of people who put files on gay hosting sites with 1738272 ads because it was too large to attach to BA. Also people who have a blender site but have limited storage/bandwidth. My server can handle a lot of data transfers.

thanks for the link ice dragon! :slight_smile:

Currently Texturelib runs on my enthusiasm and donations. If it
becomes too expensive to maintain it I will consider making some
features paid.

Best regards, Dmitriy Chugai.
Quote from the guy who runs Texturelib^^^
thought I’d post this in case anyone was interested in whether the site would stay free or not…