finally an actual finished project(after so many years)

ok finally my first completely finished project, and a serious one too. I tried to give it a simple profesional look. It still seem s a little too complex to me but this was the best I could do. Its for my job, they wanted something to give to the customer so they could understand what we just installed for them. so its important if you guys understand it. It is a Blender/Gimp collabo, so crits please!


It looks good. I presume there is additional instruction on how to determine the cut-in pressure at (1) and that the tank should not be pressurized before unscrewing the “to house” plug?

Seems like an odd way to get a little bit of water pressure…

pimposiun -

Frankly, I think it is a darned good use for Blender! It never would have occurred to me that (what looks to be) a toon shader would give nicely polished results for a professional diagram graphic. Nice work!

When you consider a lot of things are done in (shudder) Visio or some ridiculous thing like that, this gives a unique feel.

Duoas is able to be mechanically analytical during the weekend, so as far as I’m concerned he can do it for both of us. :smiley: Me, by noon on Friday… thpppt. <crash> Chewing on a way-too-freakin’-large-and-complex solid model all week. Time for fun w/o numbers or fully-formed thought!

To give a real critique, I’d say be careful of all the diagram detail views, with the extension lines crossing over others and pluming, etc., you need to be pretty careful to keep good contrast betwixt the lines for readability. Not a complaint, just a thought.


The diagram seems beautifully clear. Not sure what cut-in pressure is, but hopefully the customer will.

Very nice modelling and shading. Reminds me of the “Recycle” advert running in the UK at the moment.

Hmmm real nice… but a few crits.

The menu on the left and the top banner have straight corners on the outside which don’t return in the little text fields…

Some corners don’t align… like the corner at the right top of the left menu.

I don’t believe “seperate” is spelled correct.

At the right top of the image you can just see a blue triangle of the background… I think it really doesn’t add anything to the clarity of the image… it just makes it slightly messy… either make it bigger or remove it.

I really can’t see the “water” text at the bottom of the bladder. and don’t know whether the loose bladder and water text conform to the style.

Some of the white lines have black edges and then some don’t… and a few are blurry when most aren’t… hmmm also most are in front of objects but for instance the one in the left bottom corner isn’t.

The text doesn’t appear to be aligned too stringently.

I know it’s a lot, I really do think it’s a lovely diagram… but I think you can still make it quite a bit better by being a bit more “firm”


thanks for your replies guys.

Duoas- basically it is our job to set everything up, but the line to the house. The cut-in pressure is 30psi by standard (depending on what size tank). You have a good point about implementing what the cut-in pressure is. Im gonna have to go over that with my employer. The sole purpose for this model is to let the customer now what they have. They really dont deal with any of it. Only thing that they have to worry about when they take the plug out, is the tank being full of water. the Bladder is the only thing that actually fills up or lets out. The air basically pressures the bladder to let water out. (hope that answers your question)

Critter- I actually used Lambert shader. The outlines probably make it look toonish. I used them to purposelly distinct one object from the other. There is a B/W copy version i made for copying here:
I felt that I needed to create the diagram highlights around the plumbing to have more of a show of the model so there wouldn’t be so much over it to where you couldn’t tell what was what on the model.

Bobulous- thanks for your comment. I am curious to know about that ad your talking about.

macouno- love your critique. You straight up pointed out something that I notice of myself very often Is the fact that I do pretty messy work. I didnt even think about the BG space showing on the top right and about the corners of the menu, I couldn’t think of a technique to lay them out so I kind of had to manually do it and it ended not so perfect. the mispelling is always a problem with me, but this time I was copying from a concept diagram so i didn’t even think about it. Im not quite sure what you mean be “the loose water and bladder texture dont conform the style.” I guess you mean by the “water” being in parenthesis and the “Bladder” being WHITE? your right about the text, I’m not gonna try to align the text though, it took me a load of horse to try to even it and align it good in the first place. I will make it my goal to be more than “Firm” on my next project :D.

  -thank you