Finally breaking down and doing it

After producing quick 20 minute > 2 hour models, low poly. I am going to really take my time over a weeks time and build a scene, and really make high quality models. Not professional, but well detailed.

I could use some motivation to stay on track.

Good idea. Lock yourself in the room . Go get some coffee. What kinda scene?

A medieval throne room

best make a thread in the W.I.P. section and post some progress shots,
might help you keep motivated, or might not, depends on your personality too I suppose. :slight_smile:

Find something you like then make a scene out of it.

I am modeling from an actual picture taken of a museum throne room. Would that be a good idea?

Yes. Also find detail pictures of the various objects. Good luck. Go team. Rah rah rah.

I wish you…(see video).