Finally done with my first project

This is my first (serious) project i have ever done.
It was at the same time a project that brought me way deeper into blender then before.
I used blender 2.49a for the most part, and 2.5 Alpha 2 for finishing it up and some of the texturing, and of course the rendering.

Here it is:


You should be using External renderers for interior and similar.
BI is just not any good at this.

Try out yafaray or Luxrender.

Btw, instead of faking everything with textures, try to actually model the details out. Way better result.

What details am i faking?

I havn’t learned to use any external renderers yet but i hope to once i get my computer fixed in about a week.

Looking great, man! The modeling is spot on!

—Mumbling about lighting—
The lighting could use a bit of work though :slight_smile:
Blender Internal is fantastic if you know how to set up good, complex lighting. It can get results that are on par (and more customizable) than the unbiased rendering engines in my opinion.

However, it looks like you only used one light. You need at LEAST a few lights (main light, bounce lights, indirect lights, etc.) and it would be nice to turn on ambient occlusion. Having a great lighting setup will increase your render time, but it’s worth it :D. Really just observe the real world. What kinds of effects happen when light bounces around? No shadows are pure black :). Also, most shadows are at least a BIT soft.
—END Mumbling about lighting—

—Mumbling about materials—
It would be nice, also, for the table to be at least slightly reflective with fuzzy reflections! I’m sitting at a desk like this right now, actually haha. Almost everything is at least a BIT reflective at an angle, but not always noticeably. Smooth wooden tables are definitely noticeable with the reflections though :D! So I would either turn on reflections or add a bump map.
—END Mumbling about materials—

Hope this was helpful!

Anyway, looking great! Be proud!
Can’t wait to see work from you in the future! Great job :smiley:

thanks for the detailed help! :slight_smile:

There are two lights in the scene, on is up behind the monitor and a little to the left, and the other one is obvious. Again im hoping to learn yayfray in the comming weeks and ill post another render.

And thanks about the table being reflective, i hadn’t thought about that, ill try it. :slight_smile:

Also my brother commented on the green light on the monitor, saying it should be less “fuzzy” and a little smaller, he knows nothing about 3d/lighing or anything but he is an average person and can judge it. So what do you guys think?

Are you currently using a halo for it?
If anything, I’d model out the light and turn up the luminosity. Then I’d add glow in post production if you still want it. All lights are hard after all :D. Right now it looks sort of like a glow by itself.

Ya its just a halo right now