finally finished with this project

hi. now i’m done with the picture. i added coffe in both of the objects and i made a cup to drink coffee in… my most photorealistick rendering yet


I have voted “you could have done better”. The cup and coffeecan don’t seem to cast shadows on the envirionment (table or whatever). The texture on the background is stretched which makes the material of that wall… uhm… what? Also a slight normalmapping on the groundtexture could make that wooden ground more realistic. But overall nice modelling.

ditto tumtidum

i think it looks OK… but you need to work more on the shadows… shadows makes alot of diference in 3D… when you are trying to copy something from the real world…
but keep on practiciing :slight_smile:

The wall, and floor, or table, should be a little better textures, so then they don’t look so much the same…

change the camera angle make the background better

well i’m only 13. i only got critisism=(

“well i’m only 13. i only got critisism”

No you didn’t. And you should see the critics you did recieve as tips to improve your work and future works. Ofcourse it’s your own choice wether you agree or disagree with those critics and if you’ll do something with it. But most people in here are just being helpfull and are willing to share their ideas and knowledge, there is a lot you can learn from others out there take it to your advantage is my tip. Keep up the good work!

your right! i’m sorry

after tweaking a lot of things, this can be a lot better. so I also voted you could have done better.

  • fix the wall texture (the texture looks like it is plain orientated in stead of cube orientated)
  • make the lamp cast shadows, or if it already does, make the floor be able to recieve shadows :slight_smile:
  • lighten up the scene and perhaps give the coffe a less black or even a little transparant material - you can also use ambient occolution (F8) to make it more realistic.
  • IMO give the cup less reflections.
  • is your coffee standing on a floor? shouldn’t it be standing on a table or on the kitchen sink?

nice start though
good luck

Dude, the whole point of this forum is for others to be critical with your work to make it even better. You should take it on board. I agree with Roger in that the cup needs less refletion, the textures need to be tweaked and the position of the coffee (floor?) needs to be fixed.

We only mean well