Finally found a nice way for rendering wireframes!

Hello there !

I finally found a NICE way for rendering wireframes :smiley:
Maybe some of you will already know the trick :speak_no_evil:
Basically, what I knew so far was :

  • Using wireframe node (but it renders only triangles ! :see_no_evil: so that was not a good solution)
  • Using wireframe modifier (but it was very heavy, and changes a lot geometry (as it was “tube-like” )

What I recently came with, is using a Bevel modifier, with only 1 segment, and very tiny width. And you set the material index to a value so that new faces and binded to another material ! :slight_smile:

(NB : Please not that indexing starts at 0, meaning index 1 is the second material :wink: )

And here is a test on Mike Pan’s BMW :

Pretty cool isn’t it ?

See you :slight_smile: ++


Thats really nice, and yet so simple!
I was always using reset UV map for all faces, then creating procedural square with nodes for each face. This however led to bigger faces having wider wires, which is something unwanted.

Your method seems to be much better.

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Nice. And with that method, you don’t have shadow that can appears like you have with Wireframe modifier

With Wireframe:

Your method:


I tried it as well. Works really well. Would be great if there was even simpler solution like dedicated wireframe shader but yours probably the best at this point. Thank you for sharing it.

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