Finally My open world Game Finished

Hello there my Name is Boay, and I have some old BGE project done since few years.
Actually its still in alpha-beta progress and still using old blender 2.79.
The plan suppose to be released last december, because of lacking support so I will Introduce first on the Forums and then Blender Foundation next.
Wisely the file will be uploaded in some website storage, in alpha state only and it will Uploaded soon, probably next Month then in the end I will Update the newest one, for now I will halt the entire project for porting it into the Mobile Platform which is still in survey.

And I just show the link of the last progress and its gameplay at

UPDATE - 1 February 2021

OK, so the file already published on
This is the newest progress, but with deleted refference of the bosses.
There is so much things that I missed specially on modding guide, things like the credits for python scripts,music,voices and tutorials that still in survey on the original sources, so I will added that next time on my next patch version, and the last is the file compression should in zip folder.

For now I still create new characters, for enemies and allies that perhaps the progress on this project is not in my priority due to porting into mobile platform with another game engine software.

So keep update, and Enjoy :wink: