Finally, Ninja Imp Animation....

Well, apparently this really suckz. I wont defend myself saying its some of my first character animation for the reason why he looks “lifeless”. And also with the “pointless” bullet time effect, so sorry…

Sorry to clutter the place up with my junk, its removed…
(BTW, this edit isn’t really due to what was said here, but in IRC. Just incase anyone thought i was being a dick for no reason by just the posts here…) I definatly dont think i will be shareing any more of my work with the community…


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Hey all,

Well, i finally got around to rendering this animation. There are a few screwups here and there, like i KNOW i removed the guards from in front of the gate, but somehow they are mysteriously back and just standing there when the gate explodes.

Its not the greatest, but oh well, its finished, and for me to finish something is cause for great celebration, so if you were looking for a reason to go out and get smashed… :wink:

Anywayz, 4.6mbs, 40 seconds long, ummm… thats about it… :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Not bad at all.

Some of the movements are pretty static, (i.e walking and arms movement). They could be a little more fluid. Cpuld have made the Imp guy jump and seem more to be anticipating what was coming.

The particle system was great. Excellent job on the camera fly around as well.

Overall, about a 7 out of 10.


Overall: Excellent

However, I agree with BgDM that the character’s walk cycle should be more fluid. Real Life characters doesn’t move abruptly like a lifeless character… try to see how we move beyond our original point that we intend to stop. We can’t stop immediately. Just like when I run. I can’t stop immeditately, I’ll cause myself a lot of injuries as a result.

Hope I’m making senses here… I just woke up. yawns

Ok, i may have over reacted, guess it was just the wrong morning to receive far too many harsh crits lacking anything positive or even suggestive.

I know its bad, its some of my first char anim, and i really did work on it for a long time, so i guess my feelings kinda got hurt…

If anyone wants to see it:

Thanks again…


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Hey there!

While certainly not privy to the IRC convo, and not interested honestly, I am very upset at the prospect of losing an artist from the community just because of the lamebrained/thoughtless/cruel/ignorant chat that apparently someone subjected you to.

Speaking only for myself (which is about all I can do at the moment…) I would ask you to reconsider, as every artistic endeavour involves exposing yourself to critique of something near and dear to you: your hard work and your vision. Some fools do not realize what a leap of faith it is to show the public what you have put your soul into like we all do every time we post a blend file or pic to these forums.

Metaphysics aside, I hope to see more of your work in the future and would consider the loss of your vision to be a loss for the community as a whole.


Thank you for those kind words Bischofftep. I think i was a bit over-sensitive (almost cried, way out of char for me…), guess im just under alot of pressure to produce some good work quickly so i can start a career in 3D or get into school on a scholarship. Also been in a blending slump latley and just cant seem to “get it on”.

But anwayz, i will reconsider showing my work, i’ll just make sure that if i even smell a hint of crap i wont post it!!! hehe :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Dude, don’t go getting allpissed at what those dumb asses say on IRC. It’s your work, and yes it could be improved. But again, IT IS YOUR WORK.

You can only get better by pisting this stuff and getting feedback on it. Whether it be the bastard replies, or the good, critical replies.

I only take the good critical replies to heart, as they do help you see your errors and get you motivated to going on a fixing and improving your stuff down the road.

For those other replies, just don’t even bother with them. They obviously are just jealous of your talent and can’t do what you are doing, so they can only bad mouth it.

Keep on blending man, it’s the best high out there, (well, opther than that good BC stuff you get :wink: ).


Thanks to you too bgdm, i defiantly wasnt including your comments in my offence. :wink:

PS: I hope all this drama dosent discourage anyone from checking it out and replying… :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

He’s just walking like a robot…but that’s the only thing I see wrong. Everything else is superb! The Particule system is pretty cool and the model are awesome.

Just make him walk “smooth” and it will be a very very very good animation!

Keep it up!

Nice work, Bapsis!

Thanks for choosing to keep this online. I think it’s very much worth it!

I love the mood… the darkness isn’t overdone and is very moody. The blowing leaves really help that: my ears wanted to hear the sound!

The particle systems are great: beam, hands, and lamps. Good work!

Modeling is slightly low-poly, but it does what it’s supposed to: it provides a set for the real action. Ground texture & wall texturing would add nice detail.

The main model is great! Two suggestions that you might not be aware of that Blender is capable of: RVKs (Relative Vertex Keys) are HUGELY powerful. Do a search on Elysiun or your favorite Tutorial Compilation and you should find one or two hits. Create two or three expressions for that face (the eyes, mostly) using RVKs and you can add hugely to his expressivity. Second, make a key mesh of him with his lungs full of air, then do a slow cycle back & forth and he’ll breathe. Especially when he’s holding his pose and firing the beam, some heavy breaths would look GREAT.

Already heard comments on the walk cycle: loosen it up a little & you’re golden. Also consider having the camera move a tad more smoothly.

Beautiful work! You going to add some sound to this, and perhaps continue the story, yes? :smiley:


Hei, it is nice :wink:

why do you complain that much…


I agree with bgDM and bischofftep in that the animation could be improved. The textures, models, particals and explosion were all very nice!

As for the jackasses that bad mouthed your work, they can cram it up their asses. I for one have always admired your work


hey man, i think you are being really immature. the whole point of a forum is for us to help you, so how can we do that if you don’t post your stuff?

I’m not gonna blow sunshine up your ass if it’s not good, but i will say how it could be better, and what i think is good about it, so let me see it

Look at the 4th post. He put the link back up.


good work!
you were preparing this animation for quite a long time, am i right? i remember i had seen some wips some time ago [and your avatar ;)]
i agree with all stated above, it could use some improvement, has a lot of potential though. i think it would be annoying to say “you could change that…” or “that would be better…” because - i’ve experienced that very often - a project is finished when you say it’s done.
the only thing that counts now is your dedication to this project.

well done :smiley:


I don´t see a reason for complaining either. I don´t know what happened in the IRC, but I guess it´s again those people who spend so much time with bitching so that they never get any work finished or post a 50-hour-render saying “ahhh…well… this was made out of pure boredom totally drunk without the keyboard with my eyes closed in 30 minutes.”

well, the animation needs improvement concerning the smoothness, but it already looks right, meaning that the character doesn´t float or slips with the feet. I´m still afraid of Armatures, so you have my respect.

I have nothing to say, it’s pretty cool, so no reason to be sorry for yourself :slight_smile:

Very nice work. I like it.

Accurately animating human movement is arguably the hardest part of animation to get right (at least without motion capture techniques). Moving the camera around more can help to reduce the percieved smoothness of it.

The effort you’ve put in to this shows, keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Evidently I’m the lamebrained/thoughtless/cruel/ignorant dumbass jackass person who spends so much time bitching that I never get any work finished. I’m not sure how this happened.

All I said was “I’m not a big fan of pointless bullet time” and that’s all I meant. The bullet time doesn’t have a good reason to be there. I wasn’t trying to insult you. I didn’t say the animation was bad.

I apologize if I hurt your feelings, I didn’t mean to.

I don’t know whoever bitched against this, but he (she/they) sure need to shut up more often.

Anyway, yes, the walking motion is kinda robot-like, but these kind of animation gets better and better as you practice. Actually, the think that bottered me the most in the animation is the silly display artefacts when the moon passes behind the trees.

Really pretty particles work too, but I felt like it needed more colors…

good job overall :slight_smile: