Finally people found that really _need_ an iPad :D

Here´s the story

Maybe voice commands would have done the trick too, but hey.

It seems like in some cases people feel everyone on the planet needs an iPad.

I prefer my desktop, can run a lot more stuff because it has so much more processing power, considering that with the iPad you may have to buy a new one every year as the apps. that are useful may get new features that can only run on the latest edition. (not as future-proof as high-end desktops)

I 100% agree with you, I love my desktop quad core computing power 4900 ati graphics card, terabyte hdd, desktops are the computers of tomorrow, because with them, (if yours is good enough) all that changes is software. And until I see and Ipad or Android aped (whatever it’s called) pushing quadcore 3.2 ghz each, 4 gb ram, 1 gb graphics memory and with very notable size hdd, it’s not going to persuade me to jump and grab one any time soon.

Ehrm, you guys are serious? o.O

You are aware that an iPad is used as mobile office, ebookreader, or cellphone replacement?
No one sane would consider one as desktop replacement in the first place.

And as the original article says, they got them because the Sumos can´t really use cellphones with their butterfingers - so as cellphone replacement and to connect the ancient culture of sumo to the 21st century.

However one needs to meet new things like the iPad or Android MIDs with sceptical interest, not diffuse rejection, everything else is denying reality with the opportunity to become a sociocultural derelict, who isn´t able to understand the world anymore.

And desktops are with no way the computers of tomorrow. there are more stationary notebooks than desktops already and current working trends need you to be mobile, not even in the IT sector.
It is a luxury nowadays to be able to work from a powerful desktop.

I love my iPad!
And yes, the large keyboard is great and if I could make one request, it would be that someone copies the “.com” button and implements it into the hardware keyboards.
Those of you who have been to Europe know that the @ sign is a pain to get at yet it is used so often …
The “.com” button was a clever addition.

For what it does, the iPad is amazing!

I can show off animations to clients, respond to emails while on the train (I spend about an hour a day commuting) and I can read my ebooks in pdf format plus, I send invoices and do online banking … all while on the go.
The map helps me find clients and helps me to show up on time because I can see where I need to go!

I have only good things to say about it. The iPad is a designers dream and makes a fancy jukebox when connected to speakers :slight_smile:

No wonder the sumo wrestles can use it … hopefully in a gentle way :wink:

It is still an acessory in my eyes.
.com button aside (most browers got that as softare completion anyways) you listed nothing you can´t do with a tabletpc, a subnotebook or a netbook, granted, reading is uncomfy with latter two, that cost as much as the 3g iPad
If the iPad had a reasonable price i´d get one myself, I am just not paying that much for beauty… it would just distract people from my beautiful appearence lol!

I think there are 2 kinds of iPad haters, or therefor Apple haters…
the pragmatists, for which it is beyond comprehension why to pay more for something that isn´t technical superior
and the grudgers which would like one themselves to toy around but can´t afford it, I guess they hate the people to be able to waste their money on beauty for an item that isn´t considered to be only for the top of the crop, but rather for a broad base of customers.

I found out for myself I am a bit of both :smiley: I don´t see the superiority, and I can´t afford it to spend that much money on an item I dont explicitly need