Finally, skin with realistic subsurface scattering

In the image below, no textures, no procedural, only sss
using MHsss script:

to see how it work, and other images, take a look to my last post in this topic:

The version beta3 of script will be available soon.


That’s really cool, it would be great for Character animation, looks just like Renderman! Congrats on MHsss

I think the valley (wrong word?) on his forehead should be out a little bit

It looks good around the cheeks with the shaven beard

If you put the Pixar eyes off Weird Hat’s Blender Char, that would be awesome

Looking great.

I hope it easier to use than the previus version. Thanks alot for taking the time and making the script.

Download beta 3:

new features discussion:

looks really nice. what exactly is this SSS (in a physical manner spoken)? i heard that expression already.

This is great!

But, uh, forgive the noobish question…how do I get it to work? I mean, I’ve looked and don’t see any documentation and can’t seem to figure out how to even get that neat little control panel for SSS up.


Beautiful. Just gorgeous. Looks better than Tom Hanks in The Polar Express.

Way to go on the script, Manuel! Thanks a lot.

This is starting to look pretty good!

I’m wondering if this can be used for animation yet. I believe this this script uses vertex colors if I’m not mistaken, so it would need to be recalculated each frame?

Could this be done with a script link? I think the SSS efffect would really shine if we saw that head rotating! :slight_smile:

It’s always needed recalculate the sss, in all sss system, because the sss depend by camera position + lights position, so if one of these is moved, you must recalculate all.

In the next release I’ll try to add a script link feature.

An alter-ego, which I occasionally unleash, is a code monkey.

I’m most curious as to the actual algorithms and code used to create these beautiful models. Is a log of changes to the programming code available?

I should spend more time on the MakeHuman site.


Only the starting point, the core idea of MHSSS, is illustrated here.
But the quickSSS is based on a very simplified idea, very distant from this.

Wow it looks great. I’ve been trying to use it on a head mesh I made but have bee having problems. Could you please give a quick run down on what to do? Such as light setup, when you press vcol light, when you run the script etc.

The script actually released make a deep scattering. It’s good for wax like material, but not for human skin, where the scattering is very superficial, except in the ears, or in particular lighting, like an hand on a very powerful lamp.

The script actually released have a problem with mesh density too.

So we have developed two different script (probably will be joined) one for deep scatter (improved) and one for superficial scattering.

The second is very easy to use…it will be released very soon.

After next release, to use deep scattering in human skin too, in TODO list I’ve added a sss power by texture color…

Ah ok, thanks alot. I look forward to it :slight_smile:

The quick SSS is online.

That looks great!!!

It stands for Sub-Surface Scattering

Yay it’s out :slight_smile: Could you please give a quick run down on how to setup this up properly please? Like to I press vcollight before I put lamps in the scene? Do I have lamps present when I run the script?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Yes, absolutely the V col light MUST be enabled in material, and of course, at least a lamp is needed.

In the next days a short tutorial will be written…