Finally! Virtualight 1.40 released!

Hi everyone!

Just in case you don’t already know…Virtualight 1.40 has finally been released. Its been a long wait. Does anyone know if dotblend working on a new export script?

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What’s Virtualight?

a renderman® compatible renderengine, specialised on global illumination (I think)

I’ve done an edit on my first post so you can get more info.

Virtualight is a wonderful renderer with many features. I’ve been a fan of it for many years. It ISN’T Renderman compatible but it is similar to Renderman in many ways.

It has quite a few more features than yafray, in particular it supports volumetrics and volumetric caustics as well as proper chromatic dispersion etc. Right now it is freeware not free software (like yafray) but the source code may one day be released. I also think this is going to be one of the last versions. Even so if you have a look at the gallery, you’ll see that it is a high quality renderer which in my opinion deserves a python script for Blender export: Gallery

Sadly, the old Virtualight script for Blender has stopped working a long time ago. There may be a new version somewhere (or in progress) that I am not aware of.


I actually mentioned this in another thread almost two weeks ago, but I guess very few probably have seen it. I once updated the vl script and sent it to dotblend, but I don’t think it was really used. It wasn’t a major update though, just some additions for caustics and other things I think, was long ago…

Sorry eeshlo…I didn’t know this was old news.

I decided to check the site one last time this morning. When I found the site had changed I was pleasantly surprised.

At least the script is now useable even if it isn’t exactly comprehensive.


It’s actually NOT RenderMan compliant. The scene description format is exclusive to VirtuaLight.


If I am not wrong you are the author of that script. ( it was written for blender dinasaur era 2.10) :wink:
Where can I get that updated version of the script. I was dying to try out any highquality alternative to Yafray. I hope you will get some time to update your script for this excellent raytracer. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Author has mentioned specifically that 1.4 is being stopped as it its here but he is going for complelete rewrite for the next version which incidently will be called 2. Again it will be free to use even for commercial uses just like 1.4
But I am not sure about sourcve code will be open or not. May be after release of new version he can release the older source.


No, that wasn’t me, the virtualight script was written by Jano Lukac. The only export script I did was for Lightflow.
I just updated the virtualight script once, and it was only some minor modifications but it was never released.

in a major system crash i lost a lotta work, including all my vl stuff… i indeed should be getting to redo the script (i’m not the original author) time time time… maybe with some help we can rewrite the script from scatch and also add a blender UI for it?

is the script that was being updated by dotblend

now, who do you think i am?

hehe, sorry. wasn’t paying that much attention :expressionless:

Well i wish that you were, Err cant you do it ;( . Ok that was too mean and green :smiley: . Any way I love your hard worked scripts all around. This is tiime to say thanks. So thanks ‘great eeshlo’.

Val caught on the wong foot heeee… :stuck_out_tongue:

Any way I hope that ‘dott’ you get loads of time. :stuck_out_tongue: And I mean Loads of it heee… :slight_smile:



I’m not the only one who can do this stuff, I’m sure dotblend can come up with something good. And seeing those comments you made regarding yafray in the python forum, I guess I don’t always do that good a job (btw, no changes to Blender were ever made to accomodate yafray other than the GUI, for some reason more people seem to think this…)
However, although having a todo list from here to eternity :wink: , I’m always willing to help nevertheless, so whoever is going to do this and needs help, you can always mail me.


And seeing those comments you made regarding yafray in the python forum, I guess I don’t always do that good a job (btw, no changes to Blender were ever made to accomodate yafray other than the GUI, for some reason more people seem to think this…)

I mean no disrespect for the blender-yafray integration but yes it felt like both have been modified to get working with each other. Ok for start I am guilty of thinking that way :wink: .

Since you cleared that up I can look clearly.

Ok I admit one more thing that I liked the YabelX much more for reasons that it did pretty easily what I wanted, while the increased mem for the blender-yaf combo goes out of hand for my Pee Chee and its working is bit difficult to get at first go, while doing same thing in yabelX, might involve more steps but it is done without much ado.

At any rate thats my way of thinking, And I dont want to influence ( if it is bad) other guys.

Again I can thank you and all other python hackers for comming up with great pieces of softwares that makes us little artists life easy. :slight_smile:


The artist formerly know as… ?