Ok, Day 4 and things are improving. I added a background, changed some of the lighting and textures, and don’t forget I’m a newb. Anyhow…things I want to improve are:

-Lighting (Get it just perfect)
-Textures…mainly the winmill cross section…it looks a little too new and smooth…any suggestion are desired on how to make it look old
-Add little details, rocks…plants and so on.

C&C welcome (PLEASE!!)

Ok it’s day 5 and I have made some of the changes noted below. I threw in some lights (real quick ones, I’ll make better ones for the final). I need help on a few things though.

  1. The top of the mill looks really fake…how do I make it look like old wood, (the same with the cross section that holds the fans)
  2. Also I would like to add some foliage…where should I add it.

I made the path look wet and changed the color of the fence to give it more contrast from the grass. The reason there is even a path is I am acting like this is a Windmill on someone’s property that they fixed up and use as a study of some sort. Any C&C is welcome. Thanks.


Paula Abdul critque…

First off, great modelling!


Uh… the sun is rising behind the structure, but we see light on the side we’re on? Why? How? At least color it golden like the sun, so we think it’s reflected light. You can do a lot with ambient light, though.

Not that you need to fix this, it’s your scene, just that’s the first impression I got before even looking at the model’s detail.

Want a great high-res image for a denmark windmill? Try this one.

Might I suggest that you don’t start a new thread for each update?

For my crits… I think the hill the windmill is on looks strange, what are you trying to make it look like?

Great scene so far; would it be possible to post a bigger image?

Looks like Voronoi. There are far less mucus-like textures available! :smiley:

Much improved scene, it all fits together much better now:)

I am trying to make it look like a peaceful setting. If you think it looks strange…tell me how(i.e. it is too high, leans a little…what?)

Anyways thanks for the critiques. I am planning on making it look like the stone on the path is wet…oh and if the grass looks a little funky let me know. This is my first real Blender Render. Thanks all.

OK; Something about the scale is just wrong… can’t put my finger on it but it’s one of those things that just lets you know “hey this is wrong”… I think it’s the lanterns, makes you feel you’re looking at a putt-putt golf windmill.

And, uh, the blades should stop a couple feet from the ground unless your old, dilapadated windmill has settled into the ground. (the foremost blade is cutting into your walkway.)

Love the perspective shift and backlighting. :slight_smile:

Looking very good but,
maybe bevel your edges more and the position of the sun together with the sky and the amount of light in the scene dont seem to match each other. :o