Finaly DOF in yafray :D

now i finaly learned to dof in yafray, so now i did a 2000x2000 render of a tank for the dof setup ( know the tank dont look good ad all, but just wanna test dof and where the limits of dof is, so here it is
this one i dont like, more because there is artefacts development in very high dof setup ( but dont think I ever going to use so strong dof anyway )
this one has no dof for one reason or another, but just to show u guys what it looks like on the top

C&C are welcome ofcorse so beat me op :smiley:

Looks great. But if you going to use DoF. You better do it with a zbuffer image and with a plugin of some sort. Look in the Blender Python & Plugins forums. Focus blur for gimp is the best.