Find sample rendering blend file for this scene

Hello everyone :),

I’m not very good with rendering in blender. But I want to create a scene like this one:

So that the background would be white, and cubes would look like these ones. Anywhere I can find a sample rendering blend file. So I could easily make something like this myself.

Thanks alot for the help in advance! :rolleyes:

Vladimir T.

unfortunately, blender hasn’t got GI yet, but with good lighting, and some kicking fresnel materials, you can achieve even better that this…

in this tut, this kinda ball has that MoGraph feeling:

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Hey thanks for replying! What is GI? Is there some kind of easy way to get this scene without blender?

Hi Vladimir!

I did a quick test with particles and one cube as object and set up a scene similar to the shutterstock image.

The render time on this one is brutal because i used AO (ambient occlusion 1.0 with 20 samples) and two area lights with ray shadow (16 samples) and the cube also has a little mirror effect.
There are probably better ways to do this but i’m learning as i go along and didn’t think render time was a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Jump to keyframe 1, press the play button and then pause, then scrubb to around frame 87 where all cubes are in frame and hit render.

Here’s my blend file: Random-Cubes.blend (642 KB)

I just took the same kind of idea, but just messed it up more!:slight_smile: Fun with cubes!

I only used Environment Lighting with a world texture. No other lights. Also used a group of objects for the particles.

Here’s the blend file, there are two scenes inside the blend, each from the above renders. This was built using 2.55.

CubeRenders.blend (638 KB)

Wow! :eek: I expected help, but not that much! Thanks alot guys! This is exactly what i needed! It renders really well, just what I was looking for! Thanks so much for the blend files!!! I really appreciate it! :yes::wink:

Hey Jakerlund, the cubes really look fantastic after rendering. I made blue color matching the result I needed, its really awesome. As I understand there’s a little cube away from the rest of the cubes. I have changed the color of other cubes by changing the color of this cube. Now I wanna play around with the massive amount of cubes. Make less cubes and perhaps change size or delete or move cubes separetly. But I don’t seem to be able to get a hang of it. No matter what i do, I only keep moving them altogether. How can I work with them separatly? It seems they are attached to the plane. Thanks for the help by the way! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I found the particle system. I now can change the number of cubes. But still not able to change position of cubes while let’s say they are at keyframe 78.

you have to “BAKE” a particle-system to switch into edit-mode “particle-edit” (not the normal mesh-edit-mode) and there you can modify it. For single-point moving enable in the menu-line the selection of single points of the hairy-like lines of the movement of the particles.
To view the cube at the new position - its still necessary to click again on the “render” option of the particle-systems-settings, then the cube at this “hair-point” will jump to the new place, where you moved the single point.

edit: but if you only need a few additional big cubes on special positions in a still-picture, why not duplicate and scale and move the father-object-cube?

Hi again,

Good you liked it :slight_smile:

Maybe “test-dr’s” suggestion with baking works, i’ve never baked anything so i have no clue.
Maybe you can decrease the number of cubes in the particel system and manually ad a few and place them exactly as you want instead.

It had been a cool thing if you could convert a frame with particles to an editable mesh.

well, GI is an awesome effect called Global Illumination. It means that some materials are so ‘characteristic’ that they spread out their own light to their environment.
As you can see here, The red Sofa “emits” his red color to the wall.

Really popular effect nowadays, basic element of all these VFX type pictures you wanna create :). If you really like this, then Cinema 4d is your program…

In blender the only way to have it is to use another renderer like Yafaray like Luxrender. Because they are Phisically based renderers (they handle lights as electrical wave, like in real world) You can get a phisically correct render, but takes hours to render :D.
(I also like this kinda style, maybe i’ll post my version of it soon :D)

Hope it helped,


I made a little animation, just to make it little more dynamic ; )

How can I post the .blend?

In advanced reply/post click the “Manage Attachments” below, upload and attach your file :eyebrowlift:
Your movie looks very nice, how long did it take to render that movie?
I’d love to try your blend :stuck_out_tongue:

well, i rendered it on my laptop (athlon x2 2,2 gigahertz, 2GB RAM), 736frames, 1280*720, 30 fps, 3 days to render :smiley:

ok, my .blend here.
I’ll make a tutorial on how to make it, if you want, but my english is not the best :D.