Find/show intersecting polys/triangles?

Hello there!

Hope you can help me. I’m totally new to Blender and I’m looking for a way to simply check if a model has intersecting triangles and show/mark the intersecting triangles. Can Blender do this? Or do you know of any other tool that can show me intersecting triangles/polys?

Thank you.


no tools to do that

i’d say it’s more how you do things in blender that controls that effect
if you carerfull while extruding it should not crossed anything!

hope it helps

The wireframe view might help a bit, along with watching for shading artifacts. I ran into this problem when deforming a thin but 3D mesh - sometimes the lower part met the upper one which resulted into strange artifacts. And I don’t know why, but in weight paint mode, with face select on (F key) it was more clearly visible than elsewhere… Hope it helps!

hey, hendrick, can you post an image to show exactly what you mean?