Find the face.

I have hidden a face in this video. You will never find it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cute.:yes: Almost thought it was something else :smiley:

Just a few comments, there’s a weird flickering on the counter surface, the bowl seems a bit too transparent, and where you pull back to the chair and tables, the shadows are too harsh. Overall, though I like it.

Yeah I produced that months ago. The flickering is a overlap of two meshes. I wouldn’t leave something like that in the modeling process now and because my lighting was 5 lamps through a glass material to took more than a day to render. I’m not going to re-light it and re-render it. I leave things as they are as a snapshot of my skill level at the time.

That ship has sailed.

But thank you for the feedback!

That was very cute … and nicely executed.

I’ve been doing more Blender addon programming than Blender modeling, and it’s really amazing to see what Blender can do in the hands of real artists.

Nice job!!

See something different everytime they look at it is amazing.

Wow! What kind of add ons are you coding? In python right? I know python but not the blender api. If I learn the blender api, I will be powerful!